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  • R246518381
    started a topic angel tears PRICE

    angel tears PRICE

    SO what you going to do with those players who able to but those tears for 100 pcs for 3k darics then? and aegis for very very low price not part of the caravan? sorry for those who "SPEND MONEY" some able to get 100 pcs of tears for 3,000 darics only " we are sorry about it" they able to catch up without gemology duh what a game.

  • qingyunjian
    I really don't see what the problem is since you can get more points with energy cards with the same amount of darics.

    3k darics gets you 10 energy card (50)s on average 1750 points per card thats 17.5k gemo points which is 3,500 tycoon points, where as 100 pcs of tears only gets you 2,000 tycoon points

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