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I did something stupid

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  • I did something stupid

    Hi team,

    I need your help for i did something real stupid with my diamonds. I wanted to collect the 400 devotion point roses in Hot Events (Rose Bargain), but i wasnt looking properly and accidently clicked the 2nd option( Hit 400 devotion pts, spend 199 diamonds to buy 5x 400/400).

    I dont want to buy roses, just collect them. Is it possible to pls refund the 199 diamonds ive lost? It would be awesome if you can.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Noeka s202 Warlords Heaven

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    no one click only my friend and they can verify what i am saying by checking me out.


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      Did you happen to click on the 'Don't show this again?' checkbox in any windows that ask if you want to purchase said item?
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        Sorry to inform you we cannot refund human errors.

        Happy Chinese New Year!


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          Thx for the answer I already expected the no, but I wanted to try anyways. It was stupid it happend, my bad I know.
          And no I always have the " safety" on (have to click twice to confirm) but this time it just went through, thats why i was so disappointed this happend.