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  • Dodge

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    "After" BATTLE RATING then DODGE

    what is next to decrease in every character/player?

    my dodge is 8,600+ after logging in this morning it went down to 8,200????????????? fix i will pay attention to this issue mark this!!

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    good luck with that i got an issue before with my dragon soul - (minus)1,000 of my physical defence after my dragon soul level up instead of adding 500 PDEF it deduct 500 PDEF. AND THE GAME " IGNORED" it UNTIL NOW!!


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      are you sure nothing happened, like your dodge dragon soul got mistakenly devoured, or you lost your dodge while refining gears, or something like that?
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        im pretty sure its the gear.. the shoe looks new.. probably got some dodge refines on the old one dude and when you changed it of course its gonna go missing..


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          claw is the only level 70 hero i have. i didnt get a 2k score in world cup so i dont have the freya shoes. that is my dragon soul and my old shoes.

          I DONT EVEN HAVE a dodge i9n my old shoes.

          like what i said i haven't touched any of my gem or dragon soul and only REGAINING so i should have more dodge because of the gem enhancement.
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