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  • World boss

    please, when are you going to solve the problem with the WB now beginning to get on my nerves because I can not achieve one shot at it because we have players who have over 3mil battle rating and what we who have half as only watch as they attempt to destroy the one one of the main ???? Banujte me if I wrote something wrong, but I've had enough and we want smaller players that we have a chance to collect gold if we need to think for you, then here's your idea of me Make WB that lasts 10 minutes and there is nolimited hp and finally when make more dmg sort through them winners so everyone will be happy and you will not have posts for WB thank you for reading this post and I used google translator for this post

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    Good suggestion to make WB unlimited Hp and run for limited time.

    Pro: Everyone will get a chance to hit on WB.
    Con: No more WB killing rewards, Special spin event during WB/ HOC will have to be reconstructed and hence maybe creating more bugs.


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      or make that boss hp will be based on damage doned day before, -total dmg x 3 from top 10 players is hp for first boss, second boss gets x5 and third x 8 for example
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        I know it was said before on this Forum but oh well if we say it a couple more times maybe someone would listen so... why GB and WB wouldn't be the same as it is Demonic War in Divine Realm? I mean developers wouldn't need to think of some new stuff just to apply what they already did succesfuly
        Demonic War seems fair to me because all players can do excatly what they are capable of.


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          ive been witness!!.... you can compare it with a cake
          i bring a cake for everyone

          but then veicis comes and eats the whooollleee cake

          RAWR veicis!

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            I agree, make unlimited HP, with a time limit. Ppl will still respawn just 2 get name on leader boards.