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Impossible to earn gold in WB...

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  • dleisure3
    started a topic Impossible to earn gold in WB...

    Impossible to earn gold in WB...

    Just started playing for less than a month now in LOA. Now I understand why so many newbies like me don't stay long. To hard to get the gold from World boss because you have to many high level players that insta-kill them not allowing newbies/lowbies to even get a hit in 99% of the time. Bahhh what kind of **** is that. And don't tell me to change servers or you need to start faster. Cause, that don't work when you get a cd even if you just make it before the pro players that insta-kill while you attacking and don't get nothing at all. not funny at all. gme is grbage in that aspect.

  • Sidhe
    The "issue" with World Boss feature and being almost impossible to gain any gold for low characters is well known and there were many times forwarded suggestions for some changes. Still, it is entirely up to the devs if they are to be implemented or not. To be very honest about this, these suggestions were always bluntly refused by them so most likely the event will stay exactly as it is now. The old experienced players should simply just enter the event, since getting in counts as participate for the devotion points. Still, certain players believe it is real fun to stir the beginners and about this, there's really nothing we can do.

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