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New Angel - Vienna

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  • New Angel - Vienna

    Get ready for another stunning Angel! The beautiful Vienna has descend upon the realm to aid in the fight against evil. Not only is she charming, cunning, and absolutely majestic - she has amazing stats as well!

    Vienna's origins are still unclear. The legends vary from place to place with some claiming that she was born as a human, but gained the affection of the Gods because of her incredible tenderness towards animals and humans alike. Her fame grew across the three kingdoms so much so that people worshiped her kindness and generosity in her mortal life. When she became an Angel, her tenderness and serenity touched the Gods so much that they all wept. While her gentleness may be something to worship, it is a thing of great power. In the case of good against evil, it is true that some things can be loved... to death.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Vienna.png
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    Attack Type: Magic
    Skill: Tenderness-Deals (160% Basic ATK + 500) magic damage to all enemies.

    Base Attributes
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Base Attributes of Vienna.jpg
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    Vienna, Mikaela and Polly are all available in this latest Angel Exclusive event! Visit to reinforce your team with a brand new angel!

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  • #2
    cool man i guess vienna can be obtained like aoede and amora? coool
    League of Angels

    S94 Lonewind Forest
    Magus Rynd


    • #3
      what is the max level for her? 80?


      • #4
        yea, you can check in game
        League of Angels

        S94 Lonewind Forest
        Magus Rynd


        • #5
          yeah this angel will be up in angel exlusive..and free^_^


          • #6
            Finally a nice free angel. I love it, thanks ^^
            Playing on s179 and s218 Main is a lvl 71 mystic named Aeryn, I also have lvl 61 archer named Ruby. Yunalesca a lvl 43 mage, soon to be sorcerer :)


            • #7
              Excited to see her skill
              IGN: MnemosynE
              Server: S176 Malefic Court


              • #8
                I cant collect the ANGEL and everything its full.... VIENNA


                • #9
                  She is awesome, thanks for a free lvl 80 angel!
                  Cant wait to use her.


                  • #10
                    She's Angelina's stronger twin
                    Server 191 Dread Island IGN: Silena

                    AVE ATQUE VALE