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[Announcement] League of Angels 9/26 Server Maintenances

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  • [Announcement] League of Angels 9/26 Server Maintenances

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Name:	LoA server maintenances 9.26.jpg
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    To optimize server environment and provide smoother gameplay, the following servers will be undergoing maintenance starting at 03:00 AM on September 26th EDT (00:00 AM on September 26th PDT, 08:00 AM on September 26th GMT, 3:00 PM on September 26th GMT+8).

    The servers include:

    US East servers:
    S10, S100, S102, S105, S108, S110, S115, S119, S126, S128, S135, S138, S167, S169, S172, S176, S181, S185, S187, S191, S197, S3, S38, S4, S44, S54, S56, S58, S80, S87, S90, ua3 (S15 and S21), ua8 (S18 and S25), ua9 (S27, S30 and S33), ua10 (S45, S48, S50)

    US West servers:
    S46, S7, S86, S104, S112, S122, S134, S141, S157, S163, S174, S183, S190, S194, ua6 (S22 and S28)

    European servers:
    S39, S47, S55, S57, S61, S69, S71, S73, S75, S79, S8, S81, S85, S88, S91, S94, S96, S101, S103, S106, S109, S111, S114, S116, S118, S121, S124, S127, S129, S136, S139, S143, S153, S155, S159, S162, S165, S168, S17, S170, S173, S179, S182, S184, S186, S189, S192, S216, ua4 (S32 and S37)

    Oceanic servers:
    S14, S144, S146, S160, S166, S171, S175, S180, S188, S193, S36, ua5 (S23 and S31)

    Maintenance is expected to take 4 hours. Players may lose game connection or not be able to login to the game. Please keep an eye on this thread for any updates. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope to see you back in-game as soon as possible!

    R2Games LoA Ops Team

    Official Site:
    Found a bug? Report it here: Happy gaming! :o:cool:;)

  • #2
    101 no (
    s101 it die slow onli maxim 10 player


    • #3
      please merge s173...only 20 players active


      • #4
        please merger us s 14 alecta thriumph we are dying waiting and waiting. ( another maintennis , and continue with mainbadminton"joke for indo")


        • #5
          how long we have to wait? it say bad gateway now
          IGN: MnemosynE
          Server: S176 Malefic Court


          • #6
            s57 have only 15 active players plz we need merge. this server is dead


            • #7
              it says that it could take about 4 hours and to check here for updates


              • #8
                our server need merge..only 15 players active.. S86 is almost dead please merge our server..


                • #9
                  Same with server 157 NeonMoonbeam. We have about 10 active users only. Please give us a merge.


                  • #10
                    Merge s144 plz...!!!....1 - 3 active players only


                    • #11
                      just merge all servers with less active players, then we would be happy to stay and play this game or another server may go ghost town XD


                      • #12
                        oh 141 merge ) I was going quit and they merged good good !
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                        League of Angels
                        Server: [S141] Lake Nadir
                        Lvl: 75
                        Class: Berseker
                        Guild: Fairy Tale


                        • #13
                          since when s146 is an oceanic server ?


                          • #14
                            i dont think they merge servers they maintenance the servers


                            • #15
                              we also need to merge s156 cloven hordes less than 10 active players..thanks