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[Forum Event] Autumn Reflections

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  • October is time to shed ur troubles just like the leaves

    IGN: Sherr Khan
    Server: s215 the four cities


    • October is the time for being Happy to all Bengalis(Indian), as This reminds obviously of Durga Puja , which generally happens in October , and It is always the happiest time ever for us.To have new dress, party together , gossips with friends , relatives do come home etc. So, the best thing is Durga Puja , OR the time to Worship Goddess Durga.

      IGN-- nitrox
      server :- [S221] Ashen Waste


      • October for me has both spooky and sweet meaning. My friend and I always celebrate our birthday together, spooky coz she is out of the country this time of celebration.


        S2 sYLVIA'S COPSE


        • for me october mean to be able to be yourself to the fullest let it all hang out and no worries about what others will say
          S190(Scattered Mountains)
          Gravev(Guild Leader of Avalon)


          • I adore October and look forward to it every year! I love costumes and the fall colors and everything about the month! I will buy a pumpkin pie and eat it all by myself and start getting ready for other holidays!
            S13 Valkyries call


            • IGN- SwanBeauty
              Server s66

              I love October because fall is a spectacular season, beautiful, colorful leaves. not to mention all the amazing pumpkin food and drinks.


              • I love october because fall is a spectacular season, beautiful, colorful leaves. not to mention all the amazing pumpkin food and drinks.

                IGN- PumpkinButt
                Server s66


                • October is very Special to me.
                  Cause i celebrate my birthday on October

                  S13 Valkyries Call


                  • October is the best month of the year, not just because my Birthday is in it, but I love the colors, the season is changing. Long walks on the beach and then inside at the fireplace.......

                    ING: bbolt
                    Server: S114 Raven's Gaol


                    • October means orange and brown because its autumn and also lots of blood and gore because of Halloween.

                      IGN: YingFa
                      Server: S218 Citadel of Songs


                      • October is the only month where i am not sad but not really happy....The leaves are turning gold and brown....soon they will be laying onthe ground ...Winters comeing again.Ill be one year older..

                        Server:S114 Raven's Gaol


                        • October to me means vacation after the summer season and happy moments with my family including party for my Birthday at 23 of october )))

                          IGN: Crazyone
                          server : s49 Evil Incarnate


                          • October - beside we call it also "viinakuu", my Birthday is in it. And of cource the colours....

                            IGN: Lasergirl
                            Server: S114 Raven's Gaol
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                            • october october time to drink !!! drink drink more fun fun more !
                              Blade Lady

                              Sylvia's copse


                              • wine making and octoberfest both good

                                ing: Patricia M
                                server 48 transmogrify