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[Forum Event] Autumn Reflections

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  • #16
    October for me is a celebration of gratitude for all the blessings and trials.

    IGN : Ylfcwen
    SERVER: S107 - Trail of Vines


    • #17
      October is a month of great happiness for us since it is our festive season. The biggest festival of us Bengalis usually (Bengali calendar is different from Gregorian calendar) falls in this month.

      IGN: aych001
      Server Name: Vulpecula (428)


      • #18
        HALLOWEEN. I look forward to Halloween each and every year to get my spook on. I dress as scary as I can, and I dress my house like a haunted house on the outside for all the trick-or-treaters to enjoy as well.

        IGN: LurkerofHeros
        Server 40 - Final Rapture


        • #19
          Dear October,

          I'm going to make you


          Server: s111- Kingdom of Giants


          • #20
            October is the month where I feel that Christmas Day is drawing near. Oh so excited!

            IGN: Elrond
            Server: s60-Accursed Throne


            • #21
              October means celebrate..well October 31st is my my birthday so It's time for celebrating my special day. And also here in our country It's beer month October Fest lots of beer for this month.

              IGN: SteffiCheon
              Server: s206 Elysian Paradaise


              • #22
                October is a month of celebration for me, with a bunch of family birthdays all culminating in a very spooky halloween party at the end of the month, and its getting us all prepared for christmas, getting us all into the party spirit.

                IGN Scarecrow
                Server S132 Gaian Wonders

                IGN Scarecrow
                Server S129 Stormbrink Hold


                • #23
                  At October, fire festival held in my country. I love it & i want to return to my country at this time. IGN: devilqueen
                  Server: S211 Briarwall Keep
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                  • #24
                    October means celebrate, Celebrate the fall.....and begin of winter.

                    IGN FloRin
                    Server S142 Mines of Moloch


                    • #25
                      hemm,,october is where me and my ex girlfriend were married exactly on 29 October ,n this year will my 2th weddings anniversary..
                      tqs 2 LOA n R2 team

                      IGN : Yokai
                      Server : S218-Citadel of Songs


                      • #26
                        IGN QueenKuNika
                        S102 CoolBay

                        October is month of celebration!

                        Celebration of good and bad, grateful of all happiness we achieved on warm days and time to prepare for cold days.

                        October fest, food fest, and Halloween!!

                        And October 10th 2014 I was married again in LOA!! So October means time for big changing and celebrating changes
                        Originally posted by Henry Miller
                        There are only three things to be done with a woman. You can love her, suffer for her, or turn her into literature.



                        • #27
                          October means hot...very hot.

                          IGN: raho
                          Server: Azreal's Grasp S35


                          • #28
                            october like war to me, this month I start a new life, from students to become entrepreneurs (Excitement)

                            IGN: Raven
                            Server 118 Evilbane


                            • #29
                              Winter start & rainy stop at October in my country . IGN: devilqueen Server : S211 Briarwall Keep


                              • #30
                                October is happy month to me, cause I was born in that month.

                                IGN : MobilButut
                                Server : [S203] Eternal Towers