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[Forum Event] Autumn Reflections

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  • #31
    october for me festival month as in india all the big festivals r in october like diwali where u get to burn crackers and light candles to show the victory oflove and light over darkness i get to spend time with my family and frda(including frnds livin over internet)and having long drives in coldbreezing wind and evrgreenforests to go on picknic,,i love october in short IGN:BOSSof220 server:s220 sea of kora


    • #32
      October for me means CANDY CANDY CANDY! Since its the month of halloween!

      Server: [S149] Verdant Gully


      • #33
        October is my birth month. 2nd of October is my Birth day. so obviously it's very special month to me.. a month i waited for every year..

        IGN: AKASH
        SERVER: S78 Camp Deathknell [ua15]


        • #34
          What October means in our country is the month we celebrate Beer Feast or mostly known the OctoBeer Feast...

          IGN: Hedonix
          Server: S209 - Glitterhold Forest


          • #35
            October means I got older hehe xD

            IGN : LuXon
            Server: S154 - Nest Of Thieves


            • #36
              October means Halloween

              IGN : Josh
              Server: S-179 Shivering Sands


              • #37
                October for school goers means examination months. For working adults like me, October is the month that celebrates Halloween when we can dress up in ghost costume outside. It is also changing of weather in my country... from hot to cooler.

                IGN : isnowy
                Server : S104
                Server : S28 Dozers
                Ign : isnowy


                • #38
                  October speaks to me like no other month because its my birthday month. and also, TRICK OR TREAT.

                  IGN: GhostFace
                  Server: s22 - King of All Orcs


                  • #39
                    October means BEER. Lots of lots of beer. Octoberfest na!!

                    IGN: index
                    Server: s208 - Sapphire Coast


                    • #40
                      OCTOBER = is the beerfest to me happy october beerfest

                      IGN: WOLF
                      Server : 160


                      • #41
                        Thoth (552) was create last October 12, 2014

                        Meaning of "October" for me is when I create my character in Thoth(552) and became on the top rankings on "Raiders" section. Top 2 to be exact. =))

                        IGN: JhenXhin
                        Server: Thoth (552)

                        More Power LOA Team !
                        Best Regards.
                        Rock && Roll .. \m/
                        Last edited by EdgeLOA; 10-22-2014, 05:08 AM.


                        • #42
                          October is the Month where festivity started! I love hanging around, All different Masskara is on parade with a big fireworks at night, different groups or tribe of dancers dance in the street!. October also is a start of giving, sharing and Love. That's October!

                          IGN: Nonitoflash
                          Server: S72 Thunder Plateau


                          • #43
                            October is the month in which the day I was born, on the 19th day, so in October is the month that is very fun, happy, and I hope there will be many surprises this month of October. thank you

                            IGN : AERIALS
                            Server : S81 - Wingblaze Altar


                            • #44
                              October means saving up. coz i'm gonna spend a lot in december

                              IGN: aksa
                              server: S210 fiery citadel


                              • #45
                                October is Pulp Summer Slam+ OctoberFest with a lots of Band

                                Server: s144- Pyratical Parlay