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    1st thing of october is special month for me,,because i meet my love at this month one year ago ^^

    IGN: ErzaScarlet
    Server 9 Nyssa Reef / UA 11


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      October, heh? Well, on the 25th of October in my country is the day of the Romanian Land Forces. It's also a beautiful autumn month.

      IGN : grymFTW
      Server : s93 Cliffs of Despair


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        i like OCTOBER , i can join halloween event with my friends .

        IGN : CellaWisher
        SERVER: S07


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          OCTOBER = This is The month of my sister born her 2nd baby...
          IGN: Fantasy Eds
          Server : 160 Tyrant's Missive


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            for me October means nothing, just another month I need to pass by

            IGN : Akayla
            Server : s143 Ogre's Chanty
            Originally posted by Kurt Cobain
            -I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.
            -Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are
            -Practice makes perfect, but nobody's perfect, so why practice?
            -Thank you for the tragedy. I need it for my art.


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              October means "Beginning" to me since I was born September 30. This is the time I completed my first whole 1 day, week and month of my life.

              IGN: King Kapre
              Server: S172 Jade Valley


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                october ... for me october is a beautiful painting made by divinity in colors so nostalgic and full of melancholy

                IGN : odysey
                Server: [S61] Doomstone Forest


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                  October for me means birthdays, because me, my mom, my 2 brother and my niece we all were born in this mouth

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                    October for me means time for changing in life and also in seasons from summer to is something in cycles...always repeating but with slides changes everytime when new one come. This is sometimes spookie and strange.

                    IGN: Eriphilus
                    Server: S212 Dragonrend Spires
                    Browser Game: League of Angels
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                    Character: Eriphilus
                    Class: Paladin lvl 73
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                      October - Month of festivals in India .. All i wait for is this month's fun with crackers and in Pandals (built at different palaces to workship goddess ) ..
                      Plus waiting for PARTY for my B'day ..

                      IGN : Tackle

                      Server : S106 (Mana City )
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                        October- hate the rain and cold that will come from now on ..could we skip that and go straight to snow?

                        IGN : new1mage

                        Server : 106 Mana city


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                          october is the special for me, last year all my hope was comin

                          IGN : La Lute
                          Server : S211 Briarwall Keep


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                            my b-day is on October <3
                            So it for me it means happiness and cake :3

                            IGN: RoseMaiden
                            Server: Mana City (S106)


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                              When I think of October, the words that comes to my mind is Halloween. I just love candy and I can't wait to send my brother to bring me some because I am already a little old for that.
                              IGN: Lorena
                              Server: MorganValley(S11)


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                                October means its my birthday on the 8th older a year now hehehe ^_^...also october means its 2 months going to newyears hehe ^_^

                                S220 Sea of Kora
                                ign : Legolas