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[Forum Event] Autumn Reflections

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  • #76
    October is a month of feast here in our place so we called it October feast and for me every time October comes it means that December is near and we all know what December is all about

    IGN: shuranai
    Server: [S22] King of All Orcs


    • #77
      October means its my birthday on the 8th older a year now hehehe ^_^...also october means its 2 months going to newyears hehe ^_^

      S220 Sea of Kora
      ign : Legolas


      • #78
        OCTOBER...When I think of the month of October, here comes in my mind. Halloween, of course, autumn and pumpkins, perhaps Octoberfest…
        It may only be the beginning of fall. I am thinking and imagine of brown, yellow and red leaves and bright orange pumpkins.
        This is my own meaning of OCTOBER:
        O- fcourse it is begin with
        C - elebrating of
        T - he best month of
        O - ctoberfest, lots of
        B - eers,
        E - ntertainment and Party
        R - ock!!!

        IGN: vHince02
        Server: [S221] Ashen Waste


        • #79
          October is very spesial month for my son

          IGN : RainBow
          Server : S67 - Terror Cove


          • #80
            October - My B'day falls on the first day of Oct.

            IGN: Evoz
            Server : S12/UA2 Loralei's Bloom


            • #81
              October reminds me of picking the pumpkins from the fields, we grow our own pumpkins. Then stacking them like pumpkin-men and freaking out kids!

              IGN : Venluckey
              SERVER: S221


              • #82
                much rain so far this month (october)

                IGN : M4RI4
                Server : S1 - Noctuna's Tear


                • #83
                  October for me means birthdays, because me, my mom, my 2 brother and my niece we all were born in this mouth

                  IGN: Mimi - [S71] Nibelung


                  • #84
                    significa um mes de diversao que e mes das crianças um mes alegre que faz nos refreti como era nossa infacia como gostavamos e gosta ainda de vestas e ganha presente eu agradeço a o r2games por reelembra isso nick Topz sever 198


                    • #85
                      October it's special month because on 28'th it's my wife's birthday!

                      IGN : Septi
                      SERVER: S14


                      • #86
                        october means endings and new beginnings for me. xnee s35


                        • #87
                          October reminds me of the beginning of the holiday season and is a bit spooky.

                          server: [S98] Tempest shores
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                          • #88
                            October is really bad, leaf fall, getting cold.

                            s77 or UA14

                            Low lvl Mystic at S77


                            • #89
                              October in other countries Halloween is celebrated. here in Argentina is not, a little sad but I like Oct. spring (opposite seasons with the Western world) is a very nice month =)

                              S177] Pearly Highlands

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                              • #90
                                October means Fiesta to me...coz we celebrate fiesta in our barrio in the Philippines every october...i love roasted pig and cow,,,)

                                IGN: StrawHat
                                Server: s151 Cutthroat Swamp