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[Forum Event] Autumn Reflections

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  • October mean to me is beerfest and also when october start the cool breeze of wind is coming and that is what i really like . .
    IGN: kayle
    Server : S215 The four Cities


    • October means the world to me because it is time I met my one true love, Gabby.
      character Prince
      The Four Cities


      • October is the month of me and my wife's birthday =) It's also Octoberfest in my country which means lots of beers on the streets XD

        IGN: Booster Pogi
        Server: S212 - Dragonrend Spires
        S212 [Dragonrend Spire]
        Booster Pogi


        • October for me means thrills, scares, and spooky events, and of course yummy pumpkin treats!

          IGN: Serpentine
          Server: S212 Dragonrend Spires


          • October is a VERY SPECIAL MONTH for me because OCTOBER is the Month of my birthday ADVANCE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME

            IGN : babaeako
            Server : S185 Majestic Rampart


            • Start of a new begining... as the green dissapears in a spooky way but giving many more colors, new hopes, new lives..

              S212 Dragonrend Spires


              • October to me was always a special time of year. The start of cooler weather, eerie stories, and overall a great month out of the year.

                IGN: Pikachu4Ever
                Server: S104 Cape of infinight


                • A sweet - bitter feeling overcomes me when October love has been, is and will be.

                  IGN: Chicken
                  Server: S153 - Zephyr's Rage


                  • October means that winter is a few weeks away. It means a time of giving thanks, carving pumpkins, eating pumpkin pie, and drinking pumpkin spice lattes.

                    IGN: Tris
                    Server: [S139] Haunted Junction


                    • October-nothing special , just a month like every other month

                      IGN: Gabrianna
                      Server: S1 Nocturna's Tear


                      • October means a day when many will finally dress up in elaborate costumes and shed the remnants of their falsehoods, and finally for at least one night truly be who they are within. Happy Halloween.

                        IGN - Xellos
                        Server S4 Lunaria's Grace


                        • October to me means rainy days, conkers and lots more football (soccer) to go this year.

                          IGN: Victor
                          Server: s177 - Pearly Highlands


                          • October is a month to remember for a girl for the rest of her life, to be born by a lovely woman and given a sweet name to her by a nice (a very strict father actually ^.^v) man.She always be grateful and appreciate of what she have…

                            IGN : Aryrose
                            Server : S132


                            • October to me means harvesting the apples and pumpkins and getting ready for Halloween and all the kiddies coming for those sweet candy treats! Also means cooler weather for many of us living where it is hot.


                              Server: S118 - Evil's Bane


                              • For me, the first thing that comes to mind for October is Celebrations. Why? Celebrations because it's a month where most of my family members are having their Birthdays!, and that includes myself. Hahaha, Wishlist and gifts also come to mind for you are hoping for what you might receive. October is also the month when you start to feel the winter breeze in the air. It's the start of the winter season, so that means, jackets will be taken out of the closet for use. Happy Birthday to Me!

                                IGN: SuperJunior
                                Server: S120 - Dawn's Regeant