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League of Angels Event Update Nov. 13th - Smelting

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  • League of Angels Event Update Nov. 13th - Smelting

    In this week's update we'll be introducing a new event called Smelting which allows players to smelt rewards from certain unwanted materials. We’ll be adding various optimizations and bug fixes too. Read on for the details.

    This update will occur on November 12th for S1 and S2. All other servers will be updated on November 13th. This update should not disturb game play, and players should simply refresh the page to see new content and changes once the update is done.

    New Event - Smelting (coming soon)
    Smelting allows players to select items to smelt in order to get a selected reward. Please note that if materials are more valuable than the reward, any excess value will not be returned after smelting.

    New Items
    • Added new Gem Chests as Guild Feast rewards.
    • Added new Dragonsoul EXP Pack and Exp Totem Chests (obtained from the coming Wheel of Luck event).
    Upcoming Event
    A new round for the Cross-server Team Tournament will start Nov. 20th and end Nov. 26th.

    • Added a new Hero Tavern.
    • Added level display in the Angel panel.
    • New levels unlocked for Eternal Spire.
    • Adjusted the Adv. Prizes point requirements in the coming Beach Treasure event.
    • Added the Simple Battle Log option in some systems listed as below:
    - Erebus Log option (unlocks at Lvl. 60)
    - Wyrm Race Log option (unlocks at Lvl. 40)
    - Raiders Log option (unlocks at Lvl. 50)
    - Arena Log option (unlocks at Lvl. 45)
    - Clash of Might Log option (unlocks at Lvl. 48)
    - Garden Log option (unlocks at Lvl. 46)
    - Totem Log option (unlocks at Lvl. 70)

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the weapon display issue for Poseidon, changed the Sword to Dagger.
    • Fixed the abnormal Hero stat display in the Guardian Angels interface after a backup hero joins the party.
    • Fixed various typographical issues.

    R2Games LoA Ops Team

    Official Site:
    Found a bug? Report it here: Happy gaming! :o:cool:;)

  • #2
    helllllllllllllll yeah


    • #3
      new tavern? FINALLY ^^
      Name: Yennefer
      Class: Sorcerer


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        starry tavern.. very nice...


        • #5
          anyone has a screenshot of it yet?


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            Originally posted by mhaztah View Post
            starry tavern.. very nice...
            is not starry tavern , now they spread the enigma tavern in 2 different taver, astral and enigma , but prices are the same , still need icon


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              Originally posted by ohkitsune View Post
              is not starry tavern , now they spread the enigma tavern in 2 different taver, astral and enigma , but prices are the same , still need icon

              really??....that sux -,-
              Name: Yennefer
              Class: Sorcerer


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                where is that new option Smelting?
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                  as described seems to be an event not something guess we`ll see


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                    Originally posted by reeker2000 View Post
                    where is that new option Smelting?
                    Not an option - an event. So we are waiting for it to start I guess.
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                      Originally posted by xVahnx View Post
                      new tavern? FINALLY ^^
                      lol so much for the excitement huh


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                        its a new tavern but they just split the low cost heroes (that still needed crest) from enigma tavern into astral tavern.

                        is smelting a hot event event?(sorry for the redundancy) or a forge permanent feature?


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                          i hope smelting is permanent... ü


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                            Sitting here and waiting to smelt something...


                            • #15
                              It says coming soon
                              I can't wait to smelt. Who doesn't like smelting?