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[Forum Event] Start the New Year the Right Way!

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  • Hello LOA - really nice game - perfect hot events and nice comunity.
    finger up
    Sk4nT [S231] Withering Fen


    • Thanks for nice work on moderator and GM side, and thanks to my parents who supported me during my studies in the university, without them i realy dont know what could i did with my life. momo , [s223] Tolono Springs


      • To everyone who created this game.

        Thank you because you make me addicted

        But I'm glad that i have friends from different countries even we don't understand each other hahahah..

        Again, thank you.
        We hope more blessing to come to all creator and for us who love much this game..

        KuraMa of [S129] Stormbrink Hold


        • happy new year to all, bugsbunny server1 nocturnas tear


          • happy new year all!

            and happy birthdayto League of Angels!
            best game i play, thanks for all the improvements and keep going


            • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! thanks for making this really awesome game! keep on the good work

              Server: [S38] Crusade's Advance
              Char name: Belle


              • I got nobody to thank but myself for making it this far

                Character name: Lezickh
                Server: 15 Mikaela's Rampage (now called UA3)


                • Happy birthday

                  Happy birthday


                  • Thanks to my family and all you guys that keep on playing this awesome game ! Hope you the best for this year ! Have fun !
                    server: 3738 (S38)
                    Crusade's Advance


                    • i wold like to thanks to every one for this incredable game and for all nice and friendshim players !!! Withl love WitchGhost [S52] Twilight Ghate !!!


                      • I am very glad that at one time met with the League of Angels. This is the best game in this style. Longevity and prosperity to you. Happy Birthday!
                        Belarus, the server [S232] Blood Reef


                        • I was never really into browser games but I'm glad I was introduced to this by my best friend. So I thank her and thank all those who contributed to the creation of this game

                          Happy New Year all!!

                          Marmeya [S236] Silverwood


                          • I would also like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all of my friends who were always at my side, cheering me up when I am down.
                            Stef, Ason, Kim,Yotch, ken, Perla and everyone in my Quezonian Family.!! U guys are the Best!

                            Zeref -- [S33] Metatron's Edict


                            • My hearty wishes to my guildies who bear with me and my questions.I wish I had more diamonds. I am having a lot of fun meeting many new people. Thank you and a happy, properous new year to the heroes. ORION [S232]


                              • Nice Year on LoA, you really bring new features in-game. Respect!

                                Server: [S10]Victoriana's War
                                Char name: Triky