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[Forum Event] Start the New Year the Right Way!

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    First of all, happy birthday R2 LOA. I would like to thank everyone, family, friend, especially to everyone in game that turn out to be my friend in real life. dezi, feio, satellizer, silver tenshi, calina. we have good time in guild and real life. hope everyone who reading this enjoy playing LOA too.
    IGN : mari mari
    Server : S53 Rockshard Road
    League of Angels
    mari mari
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    Mariko (Retired)


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      Server : S233 - Cerna Bluffs


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        thx to R2 games i'm verry happy play this game ,and success for R2games

        republic of Dis [S121]
        Char name :ARES


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          I thank r2games and gtarcade for creating a wonderful game and gaming environment. Yes, there are problems, especially with hackers and cheats in TC, but I have faith these issues will be addressed in the new year and all avenues of possible cheating identified, closed, and all cheats and their guild banned for good.

          I enjoy your game, even if we have progressed in strength quite a bit faster than you could have first imagined anybody would.

          Keep the fun and challenges coming and we will all enjoy your game for hopefully another few years to come.

          Bradachin of s66 Boreal Woods (merged to server ub3)


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            Thanks for nice work on moderator and GM side, and thanks to my friends making my game more funny.
            Server: [S189] Bleak Divide
            IGN: SolomonKane
            Hunter 92lvl
            S189 Bleak Divide


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              Happy Anniversary R2!!! Thank you to all the R2 staff for keeping this game going for the last year through all the ups and downs. Thank you to all the players that make the game fun to play. And Thank you to my guild and friends on S38 that make logging in every day a lot of fun. After playing for almost a year, I have seen many come and go through our guild and we have had quite a journey since the server started and am very happy to have been able to play with everyone and just have fun and laugh each day.

              S38- Crusade's Advance


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                Thanks R2 for 1 year of fun with alot of events

                IGN: YourEnd
                Server: S17 GuardianAngels


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                  give and thanks to all my brothers and sisters in arms that gave their lives for this country and i want to thank all my family
                  [S218] Citadel of Songs


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                    Thank you is not enough to expresses my appreciation to R2 for bringing League of Angels. For me working away from home lessen the burden of being far from the family. Giving me another way to relieve the stress and tension after whole days work.. Good Luck R2 and More Power. Continue Bringing Enjoyment to Human Race..

                    S184 - Poisonous Abyss


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                      thanks for all those serving our country hope you get home safe last year sucked but im still alive thanks to you
                      [S218] Citadel of Songs


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                        Happy birthday LOA

                        [S1] Nocturna's Tear


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                          I would like to thank all the R2Games developers for making such an amazing (addicting) game, and to all the support staff .. the moderators in the forums that helps everyone out, and the 2 all the players out there in 217 sticking it out.

                          217 Burning Valley
                          S217 - Burning Valley
                          . DemiGods .


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                            Happy 1 year anniversary LoA! Thanks R2games for having such awesome game

                            [S12] Loralei's Bloom


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                              Hi Mark Popper here from S579.
                              I'm thankful to all the obvious people (family, friends, teachers and GM/staff), but also to a few players who helped the playing experience. First I'd like to thank Dragos of S121 for being my go-to guy whenever I had questions. He helped me a lot with things such as how to get more money, how to maximize resources and what kind of builds to go for. Second, I'd like to thank my friends from S5 Boadicea (LolitaDark, SgtSpanky and Sasuke) for also being quite helpful and overall cool guys to talk to when my server was in that stretch of time from 5-11 where there's nothing to do. Finally, I'd like to thank Legende from my own server. Yes I know you've been quite rude and I know you've said some unkind things over the world chat, but it's a new year and a time for new things, and without your competitiveness, LoA probably wouldn't be the same.


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                                I enjoy playing league of angels, not only enjoy its interactive because I see friends from different places across the world and takes me into a very different game. NO game in the internet is like this and full of nice people. Nice updates and fair in all. There is nothing more awarding then going on and talking to my friends online after a tiresome day.
                                Server-S68 Bloodbane Crypt
                                Character name- Deathdemon