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[Forum Event] Start the New Year the Right Way!

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  • #46
    ty for letting us enjoy the game and continuous updates - Server : S38 - Crusade's Advance IGN: ReNieJr


    • #47
      Just want to be thankful for still being alive for the new yr FleaHemp [S235] Amber Heath


      • #48
        I would like to say thanks to all my guildies for making this game fun.

        Cheers, Dragovian.

        Love Tina [S224]


        • #49
          its an wonderful game and very intersting well done GM!!and thx for the work y done on it!!

          S213 CITY OF GALLOWS


          • #50
            Happy birthday!!!
            I wish you good health, good mood and all the best.
            Server : [S218] Citadel of Songs IGN: FoxJas


            • #51
              Like to thank the Devs and Mods for the game

              Kongregate S2


              • #52
                Happy birthday from snow Russia!

                Server: S227 - Grey Plains
                Charaster: Bayonette


                • #53
                  I would like to thank the scientist which help us their work and discover new stuff daily. What they are doing is saving and emproving life. I would like to thank the ppl in uniform : policemen, firemen, doctors, etc. They stick their knowledge and life daily to help us in need and they don't get the appreciation they should have. I would like to thank literature and writters, mathematicians and math, Einstein and all geniuses, inventors, Ford Company for the '69 Mustang Boss , nature for creating cranberries, Italy for the pizza, Europe for it's architecture and the list would go forever. Take care and thank all humanity for it's existence.

                  S218 Citadel of Songs - IGN : Alexandru


                  • #54
                    I would like to say thank you to my family for standing by me in all bad that happened to my health last year. And ty for creators of this game and the GM in my guild.

                    StarglowOne [227] Grey Plains


                    • #55
                      I would like to thank my loving game husband Wolvey and my guildmates in HelloKitty.
                      Wolvey helps me figure things out and encourages me to be my best. It took me two failed marriages before I found him. The other two..err...quite the game...just up and left. No I am really not a black widow. Then I found Wolvey. My true <3. Thank you are the best pixel hubby ever! xoxoxox
                      And my guild members in HelloKitty are simple the best! Being leader of a guild filled with a great variety of wonderful people makes my game fun. I love each and every one of you!

                      Thanks for being part of my gaming experience.

                      S4 - Lunaria's Grace

                      IGN: MizUndrstd
                      Server: s4
                      Guild: HelloKitty


                      • #56
                        I have had more fun playing this game and meeting new ppl. than I have in a very long time. I've made a lot of new friends who have become part of the family for me... Happy Birthday L.O.A..


                        • #57
                          спасибо вам за ваш труд))))) очень интересная игра)))) всех благ вам и благословений!!!!
                          thank you for your work))))) very interesting game)))) All the best to you and blessings !!!!


                          • #58
                            I want to express my gratitude for the creation of a very interesting game.
                            Happy New Year and God Bless
                            [S1] Nocturna
                            IGN: Zosiama
                            Heroes Evolved


                            • #59
                              thank you very much for the kind words!!! and you are always welcome!


                              • #60
                                [QUOTE=Godgamermichael;1235214]I want to thank SODIK from server 173 Crystal Pyramid for teaching me everything he knew about the game when i first started playing it.
                                He made me to the player i am today. Thanks General SOD!

                                thank you very much for the kind words!!! and you are always welcomed!!!