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[Forum Event] Start the New Year the Right Way!

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  • Happy Birthday !!! Thanks for nice game.

    server: S231 Withering Fen
    Char name: Sparco


    • I would like to thank the GM/Vets. They are often unappreciated. 2015, a new year to start something fresh. Keep gaming and having fun with all the people from around the world. Go LOA!

      Server: 174 Copper Coast
      Char Name: LORD SNOW


      • thank you for game

        Server [S69] Foultusk Lair
        Character : Yumam


        • I'd like to thank you all for the game itself, could use a few fixes but overall a very interesting and addictive game. I'd also like to thank the game for the new friends I have, and the time I get to spend with my wonderful spouse both in game and real life. Thanks again!

          Server - [S221] Ashen Waste
          Game Name - Bastien


          • i just wanna says thanks. its a nice game and i enjoy playing it .......


            • I would like to thank Raven555 for inviting us to play. And thank you to Silvertiger, Bloodymist and Knightmare (my family) who play with me. And thank you to our guildies and all the help and support they give!! =-)


              • I'd Like To Thank League Of Angels For Being A Great Game..Also Would Like To Thank All The Players On Ermine Heath(S226) For Making Everyday A Blast.....And Finally To All My Friends And Family Around The World,Thank You For All The Good Times And Bad Times LOL....Wishing Everyone The Best Life Has To Offer.......Oh And Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!
                Robin Hood-Ermine Heath(S226)


                • I'd like to thank my guild for making the game so much fun to play.

                  server: s26 Paradisia's Glory
                  char name: AndyInsomnia


                  • The Year in review was awesome. I didn't know how much I had accomplished and was excited to see all the achievements i had completed. It helps that LOA was also giving out rewards for those achievements. I am looking forward to the next year and the progress i can make!! This game is engaging, and keeps ya coming back, excellent for a F2P.

                    Silvertiger of [S84] Citadel of Doom


                    • i play 9 mounth in this fabulos game and i can't stop.... i like u guis
                      [S185] Majestic Rampat
                      char name: pon4ik


                      • I would like to thank everyone in R2 for all their hard work and i would like to say thank you to everyone in the Bluesoul guild

                        Server: [136] Golden Road
                        IGN: Xeus


                        • happy anniversary league of angels more power to come... we will enjoy this game


                          • Happy Anniversary R2!!! thx to R2 games i'm verry happy play this game ,and success for R2games

                            S43 Irafil's Horn



                            • thank you L.O.A. staff for all the hard work you put into keeping these servers running & for the events that give some great prizes for both donators & non donators

                              S20 - Fauna's Bounty - Character - Nieve
                              Last edited by skatha; 01-10-2015, 02:29 PM.


                              • Happy 1st Anniversary! Thanks to the game master and fellow players for making this game fun and exciting. Hope to see further improvements to the game, with more new and free features

                                Server: [S166] Nightwater Cavern
                                Character: Panzer