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[Forum Event] Start the New Year the Right Way!

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  • are there any limitation level to join this event? but anyway great job to all who made this game, i really enjoy this one

    Server : [S232] Blood Reef -> BloodHunter


    • Happy Birthday LOA, thank you for a year of exciting events and your continuing great support.


      • oh yeah forgot to say, happy birthday for your 1st Anniversay LoA


        • I would like to thank the creator of the game, im having a good time playing LOA and also i would like to thank all of my in game friends whose been there all the time when i need some help, tips and how to build my character properly thank you nikicross,vale,orcide,pleco,anastasia,cerberos,celandra,callista,margreen,camacho,dawnson,walker,ronzkie, and all that i didn't mention.

          THANK YOU!!!

          more power in this game

          IGN: yughiez
          SERVER: [s62] reef heights


          • Happy birthday LoA, thanks to R2 Games and GTArcade and my good friends That I have met ingame.

            ARCHER S24 Solipsa's Lament.


            • thanks for all the teams and GMs on every servers in this game. it really helpfull to make new player like me feels so comportable playing this game. and i would like to say " Happy New Year and Happy birthday LOA.
              IGN : Djunot
              Server : S235 Amber Heath


              • been a truly gr8 year

                amiklee @ s4 lunarias grace


                • Been having fun...and addicted thanks for supporting a good game.

                  Server Boadiceas Glory (s5)


                  Server Blood Reef (s232)
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                  • I would like to say that the overall game is very cool! Love the Angels!!! Happy New Year and Birthday!!!! You could give away more diamonds
                    [S231] Withering Fen
                    Elron Silver


                    • I have been Playing for a year! I am thankful to my family and friends for another year of love and togetherness... and my friend and partner in the game, Raven5555 Thank you for sticking with me thru thick and thin you will always be my trusted friend Thanks to you to my BFF! LOA became special to me because of you. it is because of the game that we became the friends that we are now. Cheers for this 2015! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY LOA!

                      UA23 (S84 Citadel of Doom)
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                      • I thank you for everything that I've done in the LoA play within this year and all the many friends also helped also without exception all who have been in the can through various events that help improve everything. keep the spirit and unyielding. greetings from me:
                        - Abatene
                        - (S1) Nocturna's Tear

                        Gbu All (R2 game's)


                        • thankyou verry much


                          • I've been playing for almost a year now and have made some great friends and with a lot of changes in the game. I've seen alot come and go but it's been a great year. Happy anniversary LOA, keep up the good work

                            [S2] Sylvia's Copse


                            • Happy birthday League of Angels !!!!!!! I would like to say thanks for awesoest game in thr world !!!

                              Palmez of [S234] Sunless Sea


                              • I would like to say thank you, R2 for the nice and competitive game , there could be some improvement but overall was a realy good year . and thanks to my parents who supported me during my studies in the university, without them i realy dont know what could i did with my life.