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Win Keys and Feathers in Craft Master!

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  • Win Keys and Feathers in Craft Master!

    Craft Master
    Duration: Jan. 19th to Jan. 22nd (Server Time)
    Server: S1 to S236
    Description: There are three locations for players to choose from to start an archaeological expedition: Grand Library, Dusk Prison and Cloud Palace. For each location, players will get different fixed and random outputs. The fixed outputs are Epic Origin Crystal (Grand Library), Legendary Origin Crystal (Dusk Prison) and Mythic Origin Crystal (Cloud Palace). The random outputs may include origin crystals and Philosopher's Stones.

    Each exploration may require attempts and Energy. However, players can get a certain number of attempts and Energy for free; extra attempts and Energy can be obtained using Vouchers or Diamonds.

    - Players can explore one of three locations for a chance to discover and identify crafting materials.
    - Use crafting materials to craft many different items in the event panel.
    - Philosopher's Stones will disappear when the event ends.

    Click image for larger version

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    After collecting the specified materials, you can craft certain items including Normal Gift Box Key x1, Angelic Gift Box Key, Divine Gift Box Key, Awakening Stone, lvl. 8 Fusion Gem, Lvl. 9 Fusion Gem, Lvl. 9 Superior, Lvl. 10 Superior, Skill Book-Dominating Will, Skill Book-Skeleton Shield, Skill Book-Pristine Spirit, Skill Book-Thunder Strike, Lvl. 10 Cherubstone, Lvl. 11 HP+PDEF Gem, Lvl. 11 PATK+Crit Gem, Ungodly Soul and more.

    - Daily Ranking Rewards:

    Every day the top 20 players with at least 500 points from the previous day can get Dragon Tamer Card (20) and Legendary Origin Crystal.

    Click image for larger version

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    - Overall Ranking Rewards:
    At the end of the event, the top 20 players with at least 3500 overall points have a chance to win Perfect Philosopher's Stone, Celestial Origin Crystal and Mythic Origin Crystal.

    Click image for larger version

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    its a shame it costs so much, can barely participate in craft event because of $$$


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      lower energy costs, they are way too high for this event