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League of Angels Update 3/12: New Function - Mount Stable

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  • League of Angels Update 3/12: New Function - Mount Stable

    Get ready for an interesting week! A brand Mount Stable function that is sure to boost your battle rating and make every day battles that much more intense along with a slew of system optimizations and events are headed your way during this week’s update! Plus, we’ve started prepping for St. Patrick’s Day, so stay tuned for more info.

    All servers will be updated on March 12th. This update may affect your connection in-game and we apologize for any inconvenience caused. Following the update, players should simply refresh the page to see new content and changes. Read on for more details!

    New Function - Stable (Unlocks at Lvl. 72)
    The stable is a brand new addition for Mounts. It enables players to make full use of all their awesome mounts and skills.

    Click here to find out more about the Stable function!

    New Event - St Patrick's Day (3/17 - 3/23)
    Be prepared for some grand St Patrick's Day events on 3/17, fantastic prizes await!

    New Items
    - Stable Crystals
    - Various Lvl. 12 - 14 Gems.

    - Improved the stat bonus for the Enhance Combo, Gem Combo and Refine Combo.
    - Added two new Little Helper work assignments - 'Arena' and 'Draw in Tavern’.
    - Added the 'All' button to purchase all Angels' Blessing attempts in one single purchase for Hero Drill.
    - Changed the icon for House of Cards to Dragon Queen.

    Upcoming Events
    - The 10th Cross-server Team Tournament will be held March 17th and end March 23rd, don't miss this chance to win Angel Athena and Alecta!

    Stay tuned for more wonderful events preview on our official site and forums!

    R2Games LoA Ops Team

    Official Site:
    Found a bug? Report it here: Happy gaming! :o:cool:;)

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    Add dragonsoul to little helper please.


    • #3
      and when it work


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        Yes please add dragonsoul to little helper please


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          What level does this open up at? I dont have access @ 58


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            add dragon soul


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              how and where do u use those stable Crystals??????


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                cada dia me gusta mucho mas este juego!!!!! atte LUVINA


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                  All servers will be updated on March 12th... I dont know what date u have there in R2 land but rest of world should have soon March 14th. And Stable still not working. Level too low if u have lvl.84? All s165 is same and I have heard that many other servers too.


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                    just like any ppl want in here please pretty please put that dragon soul and inferno also td ........
                    stable working fine for S-205 ivory Thank you for this new thing.......


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                      i love also to see Dragon Souls added to little helper as well


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                        were to use stable cristals pls little info about it?


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                          Originally posted by carvahal View Post
                          were to use stable cristals pls little info about it?
                          Stable Crystals are being used to upgrade the Stable.
                          First one it asks at level 3 ( 20 crystals ).

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                          Your arms can no longer warm me
                          A cold soul, I cannot love.


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                            come to 165 and show us how u do it when stable dont work


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                              and when we try to buy Stable Crystals from Divine shop it says Database error also on s165
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