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The winners of the 12th Cross-Server Tournament have surfaced!

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  • The winners of the 12th Cross-Server Tournament have surfaced!

    The 12th Cross-server Tournament has successfully concluded. Having made it through the intense 7-day competition, the winners have surfaced! Congratulations to the players listed below, they have earned 1st place for their time zones. These players will receive fantastic rewards!

    Time Zone Platform IGN BR
    EST2 R2 vhuner 6,661,160
    EST1 GTA Shep 6,493,058
    GMT1 GTA harveen 6,358,801
    CST1 Ngames Rain 6,217,347
    CST2 Ngames aKimOtO 5,825,652
    EST3 GTA thunderstrike 5,745,252
    PST2 GTA Raphangelo 5,421,224
    PST1 Kabam SukiLee 5,214,367
    HKT2 GTA LordVirus 4,603,649
    GMT2 GTA PrivateS 4,446,794
    EST4 GTA Remus 4,363,829
    PST3 GTA Lostincali 3,247,162
    According to the BR of each player, vhunter from US East server of R2 Platform has the highest score and will receive the special reward: the Victoriana Figurine!

    For players who didn't receive the prize this time, don’t worry! We will not give the figurine to winners who have already won it before. So join the next Cross-server Tournament with optimism and maybe you will be the one who wins the next Victoriana Figurine!

    Enjoy LoA!

    R2Games LoA Ops Team

    Official Site:

  • dalbahimad
    To be honest for me I can not compete until we reach the Champions wanna years

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  • dalbahimad
    Congratulations to the winners

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