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League of Angels 4/16 Update – Fairy Update

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  • #16
    Yesterday I got the message "level too low", today I can see only 1 fairy, but I"ve had almost all before. Why do you do a game upgrade if you always fail in that? Instead of making new possibilities, first you should fix all the errors, bugs in the others.


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      All fairies except for Shivers gone. Had to contact to get the code from LOA mobile to get snow queen pet and now it's all taken away. I had quite a few unlocked and, well, yeah, thanks. But if the compensation is for the lost fairies, then it's an awful choice.

      S133 Drake's Den, IGN Seungi
      Fairies unlocked: Shivers, Witching Cat, Pumpkin head, Crackers, Snowball, Reindeer, Little Snow Queen. I hope these are all and I'm not forgetting any...

      Edit: Even with Shivers unlocked, can't deploy, can't collect daily loot or do pretty much anything due to 'Fairy is locked' or 'Database Error'. Amazing.

      Edit 2: Used fairy rocks to unlock Baby and Astrid and still don't work. Stupid move, I know.
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        lost 3 fairies


        • #19
          Good morning bought 4000 diamonds have received those but I noticed the precious has not worked and refreshed twice


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            hi admin
            i have problem in my BR before i got nice BR and fairy come my BR go high and 5mins my BR is go down in 2k to 3k is a bug can you fix pls....

            play in (S-111 kingdom of giants) league of angel


            • #21
              If I remember correctly, I had all fairy's including astrid unlocked, and I paid CASH!!! for them ( yeah I know stupid to spend money on this game especially lately ) and now all the things I paid for are gone except shivers..... W . T . F!!!! Get this fixed asap please!

              Orcide S84 (merged server)


              • #22
                I lost tutu and I think also leon... thought I had him but not 100% sure

                zalex on 185-majestic rampart
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                  Hello i had all fairies except snow queen (i ddi the mobile thing but nevber got her:@) there all gone but shivers and even i cant upgrade shivers or anythign cant deploy big disapointment
                  IGN Killa113
                  Server S142 mines of moloch
                  (for SQ fairy)
                  Mobile IGN Killa113
                  S4 prospera
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                  715k br sorcerer
                  17k dodge 15k hit
                  Claw 400k
                  Ner 160k
                  ac 130k
                  valk 130k
                  djinni 70k
                  serrin lvl 70 160k br
                  Blazing arrow/sands of time /Flame dash
                  Beat pisces hell yea 3/24/15 1:25pm


                  • #24
                    I had all the fairies even got the baby one and all gone not happy


                    • #25
                      i getting sick of the battlerateings going down, I agree with many here, u all need to stop eating your donuts an drinking your coffee an stop adding stuff an fix the bugs that are here, an even that you cant even do, when you fix one bug, others take it place


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                        what a nice update i lose all my fairy aswell


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                          Dear Devs yesterday I wrote that I lost my little queen and gingerbread man from fairy and I recieved no answer. Today i go there and i see some fairy that i ever had but not mine. Do you really respect to your costumers??? I want my fairies back. These pics are the prove of what i am saying.Click image for larger version

Name:	wout1.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	120.0 KB
ID:	1711168
                          In this picture as you can see I have to the first fairy and i ever have that one. Click image for larger version

Name:	wout2.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	150.3 KB
ID:	1711169

                          On the other hand in second picture you can see to little snow queen unable and she was a prize by download the mobile version of your game fire-riders.



                          • #28
                            I lost my fairies @_@


                            • #29
                              I am on S125, Warlord's Triumph. Your most recent update not only made all of my existing fairies disappear, but the new one I bought from events after the update was performed, (blessed baby rock,) disappeared after reset! WTH is this!?!?! Like others have mentioned, I worked hard to save for and/or spent my own money to collect these damned things and you just up and take them away? What is that? Not to mention the one it does say I have doesn't even work either! I have been gone for a month, but came back hoping maybe some things would be resolved but instead, looks like more problems as usual. Should I just find some other gaming platform to give my money to?


                              • #30
                                Can't collect Compensation for the 18th. Or is it if you can't collect for 17th, you can for 18th?