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Lovely Cupid Wings in Beach Treasure!

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  • Lovely Cupid Wings in Beach Treasure!

    Beach Treasure
    Duration: April 29th to May 3rd (Server Time)
    Servers: Servers that have been launched for at least a week.
    Description: Treasures galore are hidden beneath the shells! During the event, flip the shells to earn points and match pairs of items to get them as a prize! Collect points to win Cupid Wings, Mythic Divine Stones, Awakenings, Crit Gems and many more fantastic rewards!

    1. During each round there will be 8 pairs of items hiding behind the shells. Match a pair of items to earn it as a prize.
    2. Flipping shells costs shell points, which can be bought using Diamonds. Use 1 shell point to earn 10 event points. Points can be used to buy items in the points store.
    3. At 8:00, 12:00, 16:00 and 20:00 every day, players will be given 8 shell points for free. Remember to collect them before they expire!
    4. There will be two kinds of reward modes: Random Pick and Manual Pick. In the Random Pick, items and prizes appear randomly while in the Manual Pick mode players can spend Diamonds to select items they would like to appear.
    5. After selecting Manual Pick mode, players will need to click the REFRESH button to see the selected prizes appear in the event.
    The shells will refresh each hour. Clearing the cooldown for a refresh costs 100 Diamonds in Random Pick mode, 100+ Diamonds in Manual Pick mode.

    Today Ranking
    Place Basic Prize (Req. 250 Pts) Adv.Prizes (Req. 600 Pts)
    1 Sacrifice Point Card (50) x3 Totem Badge x50, and Basic Energy Card (5) x5
    2~3 Sacrifice Point Card (50) x2 Totem Badge x40, and Basic Energy Card (5) x5
    4~5 Sacrifice Point Card (50) x1 Totem Badge x30, and Basic Energy Card (5) x3
    6~10 Sacrifice Point Card (10) x3 Totem Badge x20, and Basic Energy Card (5) x2
    11~20 Sacrifice Point Card (10) x2 Totem Badge x10, and Basic Energy Card (5) x1

    Overall Ranking
    Place Basic Prize (Req. 2,000 Pts) Adv. Prizes (Req. 10,000 Pts)
    1 Seraph’s Stone x500 Cupid Wings x1, Mythic Divine Stone x100, Lvl. 11 Crit Gem x1, and Awakening Stone x400
    2~3 Seraph’s Stone x300 Legendary Divine Stone x50, Lvl. 10 Crit Gem x1, and Awakening Stone x300
    4~5 Seraph’s Stone x200 Lvl. 9 Crit Gem x2, Awakening Stone x200
    6~10 Seraph’s Stone x150 Lvl. 9 Crit Gem x1, Awakening Stone x150
    11~20 Seraph’s Stone x100 Lvl. 8 Crit Gem x2, Awakeing Stone x100

    R2Games LoA Ops Team

    Official Site:
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  • #2
    what are we going to do with the gold dragon eggs?


    • #3
      the eggs are for a future event.
      to file a ticket


      • #4
        is that event going to be happening soon?