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To Honor Our Angel – Serrin (Poem is Chosen)

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  • To Honor Our Angel – Serrin (Poem is Chosen)

    January 10, 2014. This day not only marked the release of League of Angels, but also the day we met fellow GM, Serrin. She worked closely with both the players and the operation team, making everyone’s lives not only easier, but brighter.

    Unfortunately, as many of you may already know, Serrin passed away last week causing us all to lose a beautiful person from our lives. She was and is still an Angel to many and we would like to remember her for that. Thus, in her honor, we will be creating (thanks to GTArcade) a new Angel in-game named after Serrin. We hope that this special Angel will forever remind us of her kindness.

    Before we release Angel Serrin, we hope that you will take a few moments to post a heartfelt poem in 160 characters or less in honor of Serrin. One of these posts will be then be chosen to publish in-game for Angel Serrin’s release.

    Note: Due to the server update schedule, a suitable poem will be selected from those submitted by May 11th.


    Dear Heroes & Angels,

    The poem selected to commemorate the late GM Serrin is the following from Floor 15:
    "Infinite in mystery is her beauty
    What wisdom or sorrow may hide in that smile
    For there is no hate only joy from the gift of the goddess"

    Please keep an eye on our official site and forum for the in-game release of Angel Serrin along with this poem following the coming update.

    Once again, we offer our sincere condolences to Serrin’s loved ones and friends, may she forever be immortal in our hearts!

    R2Games LoA Ops Team

  • #2
    Oh Angel Serrin in the sky,
    please watch over us day and night,
    everyday we all will pray,that you will continue to gm us this way,
    for all the people who play this game, we loved your help and chats ingame
    now you have gone to a much better place with other angels and such grace,
    take a bow and fly so high Oh Angel Serrin in the sky


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      read below, the editor glitched and it posted twice.


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        Oh dearest Serrin,

        as you gaze over us from far above,
        and see this world so barren,
        come back down again to share your love.
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          my condolences ;(


          • #6
            I like to give her Family my best wishes, an I also think it is a good idea have an Angel to her as well, do it as well


            • #7
              May Serrin sparkling Aura
              enlighten our paths
              and protect us from Evil
              Her blessed star will be a guide
              Her warm heart will infuse us with love
              May her soul be touched by grace and peace
              high into the skyes
              deep into our hearts

              RIP Serrin ....

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                Not really good in poetry but I tried. Rest in peace dear Serrin.

                Serrin, your hard work made the lives of players bright
                And in your honor, an angel takes flight
                May you continue to watch over us day and night


                • #9
                  Serrin, oh angel.
                  She shines bright like a star.
                  For players a like and far.

                  I personally used Haiku style (Japanese poetry). Rest in peace dear GM Serrin. You will be remembered by all players.


                  • #10
                    My condolences, i hope she is in a better place.


                    • #11
                      My condolences


                      • #12
                        God saw you getting tired
                        and a cure was not to be.
                        So he put his arms around
                        and you wishpered,
                        "Come To Me."
                        A golden heart stopped
                        beating hard working hands at rest.
                        God broke our hearts
                        to prove to us
                        He only takes the BEST.

                        MY Condolences, R.I.P
                        grace and (S6) marina's haven family
                        God will take care your soul


                        • #13
                          I don't have a poem, but I'd like to say that this is the first angel (that Im aware of) that actually has a special meaning and special place in our hearts. What a wonderful thing to put into the game.


                          • #14
                            In these moments of great ordeal, words are useless … God rest her soul in peace and the angels to always be there with you!


                            • #15
                              When the war of the unknowns brings about the worlds end
                              She descends from the sky
                              She guides us through bliss her name is Serrin

                              Infinite in mystery is her beauty
                              What wisdom or sorrow may hide in that smile
                              For there is no hate only joy from the gift of the goddess

                              Heroes that which you have guided
                              They're strength are always ascending
                              So evenly match these knights
                              Be my shades blade
                              For you are worthy of these blade

                              Now lets shout...
                              Let The Stars Fall down
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