Lucky Tree
Duration: May 19th to May 22nd
Servers: Servers that have been launched for at least a week.
Description: Legend speaks of an ancient tree which brings good luck to those who bless it. Many thought it was lost, but the Angels have found it and want you to be blessed by the tree, too! The Lucky Tree Level is now open to level 8, with the possibility of getting a Lvl. 8 Fusion Gem Chest! Hurry up and test your luck!

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Lucky Coins, Diamonds and many other items hang upon the tree. You can get these items and earn points by blessing the Lucky Tree. Lucky Coins can be used in the Lucky Coin Shop to buy items. The points you accumulate will be added to the points for Yggdrasil, the World Tree, which shows total points for the whole server. Each time Yggdrasil upgrades, all players in the server can collect rewards and the items hanging on the Lucky Tree will be upgraded too!

- Each Player gets 1 free attempt daily, VIP4 and above players get 1 extra attempt daily.
- Blessing the Lucky Tree will earn players personal points, Lucky Tree EXP and World Tree EXP.
- Players can only bless the Lucky Tree according to its level. However, they may view the Lucky Tree loot for other levels.
- The higher the Lucky Tree level is, the better the rewards are.
- Lucky Coins gained from blessings can be used to exchange for rewards in the Lucky Coin Shop.

There are four tabs within the interface: Lucky Tree, Yggdrasil, Lucky Coin Shop and Personal Rewards.

In the Lucky Tree tab, you can bless the tree and get items dropped from it. Blessing attempt can be bought using Diamonds. 1 Bless = 1 Lucky Tree EXP = 1 World Tree EXP. Please note that Lucky Tree level is based on your own Lucky Tree EXP, while World Tree Level is based on the total points gained by all players in this server. You can purchase Nectar using Diamonds to gain an extra blessing attempt.

In the Yggdrasil tab, you will see the status of the World Tree EXP. When the World Tree upgrades you can collect rewards accordingly.

World Tree reward list.
Level Rewards
Lvl. 1 Refining Stone x100, and Soulstone x50
Lvl. 2 Refining Stone x200, Soulstone x100, and Seraph's Stone x20
Lvl. 3 Refining Stone x400, Soulstone x200, and Seraph's Stone x50
Lvl. 4 Refining Stone x800, Soulstone x300, and Seraph's Stone x100
Lvl. 5 Refining Stone x1000, Soulstone x400, and Seraph's Stone x200
Lvl. 6 Refining Stone x2000, Soulstone x600, and Blessed Stone x300
Lvl. 7 Refining Stone x3000, Soulstone x800, Blessed Stone x500, and Lvl. 7 Superior Gem Chest x1
Lvl. 8 Refining Stone x4000, Soulstone x1000, Blessed Stone x700, and Lvl. 7 Superior Gem Chest x2
Lvl. 9 Refining Stone x5000, Soulstone x1500, Blessed Stone x900, and Lvl. 8 Superior Gem Chest x1
Lvl. 10 Refining Stone x6000, Soulstone x2000, Seraph's Stone x1200, and Lvl. 11 Cherubstone x1

The Lucky Coin Shop has many rare and wonderful times, use your Lucky Coins to buy various items such as: Sheild of Discord, Heaven's Melody (new kind of Angel artifact), Arcane Spirit Crest, Astral Hunter Crest, Valkyrie Crest and many other resources and Skill books in Lucky Coin Shop.

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This is the Personal Rewards tab. Your personal rewards are based on the points you get. The more points you have, the better your rewards.

Here is Personal Reward list.

Points Rewards
5 Basic Energy Card (10) x1
50 Rare Flaming Stone x2, and Adv. Energy Card (10) x2, Wind Soul x2
80 Epic Flaming Stone x2, Element Crystal x400, and Fire Soul x2
150 Awakening Stone x50, Jackpot Bonus Card x4, Enchanted Ore x500, and Adv. Wind Soul x5
300 Awakening Stone x100, Dragon Tamer Card (50) x1, and Lvl. 8 Common Gem Chest x2
500 Awakening Stone x100, Eternal Spire Challenge Card x1, and Lvl.9 Superior Gem Chest x2
800 Awakening Stone x200, Sacrifice Point Card (50 Pts) x1, Lvl. 7 PATK+Hit Gem x1, and Lvl.9 Cherubstone x1
1200 Awakening Stone x200, Lvl. 7 PATK+Hit Gem x2, Divine Blessing Stone x100, and Ungodly Soul x30
2000 Awakening Stone x300, Skill Book-Thunder Strike x30, and Imperial Mail Print x1, and Adv. Soulstone x1000
5000 Awakening Stone x500, Skill Book-Thunder Storm x50, Divine Blessing Stone x300, and Ungodly Soul x50

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.

More exciting events are coming up through May 19th to May 22nd, check them out in the in-game Hot Events menu now!

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