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Starry Dream: Light the Stars for Fantastic Rewards!

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  • Starry Dream: Light the Stars for Fantastic Rewards!

    Starry Dream
    On cool, clear starry nights many of us have cast our wishes upon the stars. Little do we know the Angels are watching and hoping that our dreams might come true too. Now, some of those dreams can become a reality with the Angel's new event: Starry Dream!

    Duration: June 5th to June 8th (server time)
    Servers: Servers that have been open for at least a month
    Description: Choose a reward and spin the Starry Dream wheel. Rewards will be granted when all 7 stars are lit.
    Starry Dream consists of three parts: Fantasy Star, Reward List, and Point Rankings.

    Fantasy Star

    It's up to you to choose what rewards you would like to get! In this tab you can see five different rewards on the left. These rewards are of different levels. The higher the level is, the better the reward is. There is a wheel to the right. Players must consume Lucky Points to spin the wheel and earn stars. Please note that higher level rewards require more Lucky Points.

    Every day players will get 10 free Lucky Points and players may also use Vouchers to buy up to 20 more Lucky Points.

    Reward List
    Reward list is a guide to help you know what rewards are available at each level. Click the refresh rewards button in the Fantasy Stars panel to change the rewards. Every player has 5 free attempts to refresh rewards. After using up all the free attempts, you can consume Vouchers to get extra refresh attempts. Refreshing won't affect stars that are already lit.

    This time Starry Dream brings you powerful Angel's Artifacts like
    Heaven's Melody, Royal's Mark, Lilac Stone, Dragonsoul EXP Pack (100), Ungodly Soul, Varda's Blade, Energy Vitamin and many other items.

    Point Ranking

    There will also be rankings: Yesterday's Ranking, Today's Ranking, and Overall Ranking. In each ranking, there are basic prizes and Adv. prizes.

    Daily Ranking

    Ranking Basic Prizes (30 points) Adv. Prizes (300 points)
    1 Soulstone x500 Blessed Stone x300
    2~3 Soulstone x400 Blessed Stone x200
    4~5 Soulstone x300 Blessed Stone x150
    6~10 Soulstone x200 Blessed Stone x100
    11~20 Soulstone x100 Blessed Stone x50

    Overall Ranking
    Ranking Basic Prizes (130 points) Adv. Prizes (2,000 Points)
    1 Seraph's Stone x500 Blessed Stone x1,000, Divine Totem (Ruby) x1, and Lvl. 11 Crit Gem x1
    2~3 Seraph's Stone x350 Lvl. 8 Cherubstone x1, Lvl. 6 EXP Totem Chest x1, and Lvl. 10 Crit Gem x2
    4~5 Seraph's Stone x250 Lvl. 8 Cherubstone x1, Lvl. 5 EXP Totem Chest x1, and Lvl. 10 Crit Gem x1
    6~10 Seraph's Stone x150

    More exciting events are coming June 5th through June 8th (server time), check them out in the in-game Hot Events menu now!

    R2Games LoA Ops Team

    Official Site:
    Found a bug? Report it here: Happy gaming! :o:cool:;)

  • #2
    this event sucks!!!!! no good revard no use if you dont hawe too much money to spend so my rating for this event is BIG BIG 0!!


    • #3
      I can't complain Just got Vidars Blade WITHOUT cashing,only vouchers. Awesome event.


      • #4
        yeah so so did I and im a archer I exchanged it to my class btw the login time however could be improved on


        • #5
          event bug no have me server..254


          • #6
            this event is awesome ..... I just got 2 vidar blades only using vouchers ..... it has never been this easy to get them ..... I loooveeeee this event ..... I don't care for raninkg hahahah I just care about good rewards, and theyare really good ..... tnx for this event love it heheh

            hahaha got one more vidarsblade, 2 tame dragons cards and godly soul and all with just vouchers
            Last edited by xoxoN; 06-06-2015, 05:55 AM.


            • #7
              Yes... event bug ( server 254 ) :3


              • #8
                why no is for all servers????


                • #9
                  If you didn't get 7 stars, would the stars reset back to 0 when server resets?


                  • #10
                    when will be on the 257 european server?


                    • #11
                      so far no luck in this event


                      • #12
                        finally a way to get royal marks without needing to spend thousands of diams on cross server tournament. Props for that
                        IGN: Zephyr
                        S(186) Heaven of Lapha


                        • #13
                          Started for artifact and got 3 stars then 4x -2 in a row
                          No thanks, not paying for negative gains.
                          Get a life, they said.
                          I'm a GAMER, I replied,I have LOTS of lives