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House of Cards: Amazing Hero Evolution!

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  • House of Cards: Amazing Hero Evolution!

    House of Cards
    Duration: June 12th to June 15th (Server Time)
    Servers: For servers that have been launched for at least a week
    - Players can obtain cards from Card Chests in the House of Cards.
    - There are three types of card chests: Common Chests, Deluxe Chests and Mystery Chests. 1 Common Chest costs 50 Diamonds, 1 Deluxe Chest costs 150 Diamonds, and 1 Mystery Chest costs 500 Diamonds. You can get 10 Common Chest for free each day.
    - After collecting a specific set of cards, you may exchange it for great rewards.
    - Your remaining cards can then be exchanged for Points. Points can be traded for specific cards. This will allow you to finish your card sets more efficiently.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	House of Cards 6.12 banner.jpg
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    - You can swap the required cards for: Moonligt Warlord (second evolution of Earthshaker), Amazon Hawker (evolved from Amazon Hunter), Amazon Hunter, Dragon Whisper, Santa, Messenger of Darkness, Light Envoy, Angel Rename Card, Son of Odin, Mountain God, Lvl 12 HP/PATK/MATK/Agility/Crit/Dodge/Block/MDEF/END/Hit Gem, Lvl. 10 PATK+Dodge Gem, Lvl. 10 Crit+Hit Gem, Lvl.10 MATK+Dodge Gem, Lvl.8 MATK+Dodge Gem, Lvl.8 Dodge+Hit Gem, Lvl.8 HP+PATK Gem, Lvl.8 Crit+Hit Gem, and many more!

    Daily Ranking Rewards
    - Every day the Top 20 players with at least 1500 points from the previous day can collect extra Card Points as a reward.

    Place Basic Prize (Min Pts: 1,500) Super Prize (Min Pts: 5,000)
    1st Card Points x150 Card Points x600
    2nd-3rd Card Points x125 Card Points x450
    4th-5th Card Points x100 Card Points x300
    6th-10th Card Points x75 Card Points x200
    11th-20th Card Points x50 Card Points x100
    Total Ranking Rewards
    - At the end of the event, the Top 20 players with at least 40,000 total points have a chance to win Runestone, Joker (2), Gem Enhancement Stone, Element Crystal, Lvl. 8/7/6 Fusion Gem Chests.

    Place Basic Prize (Min Pts: 10,000) Super Prize (Min Pts: 40,000)
    1st Seraph's Stone x500 Runestone x8,000, Gem Enhancement Stone x600, Lvl. 8 Fusion Gem Chest x1, and Joker (L) x2
    2nd-3rd Seraph's Stone x300 Runestone x6,000, Gem Enhancement Stone x400, Lvl. 7 Fusion Gem Chest x2, and Joker (L) x1
    4th-5th Seraph's Stone x200 Runestone x5,000, Lvl. 7 Fusion Gem Chest x1, and Joker (L) x1
    6th-10th Seraph's Stone x150 Runestone x4,000, and Lvl. 6 Fusion Gem Chest x2
    11th-20th Seraph's Stone x100 Runestone x2,000, and Lvl. 6 Fusion Gem Chest x1

    R2Games LoA Ops Team

    Official Site:
    Found a bug? Report it here: Happy gaming! :o:cool:;)

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    is kung fu panda coming back in hoc?its been several events now that its not available


    • #3
      I believe I saw kungfu panda in mid review for purchase.
      to file a ticket


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        Howcome its been 3 hoc and no dragoon queen crest?! !!!!!


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          Originally posted by LladyS View Post
          Howcome its been 3 hoc and no dragoon queen crest?! !!!!!
          Probably due to her being 5 tycoon certificates every other tycoon...
          S210 Fiery Citadel
          Nick Peyp