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New Cross-Server Tournament Begins June 20th!

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  • New Cross-Server Tournament Begins June 20th!

    Duration: June 20th to June 26th (server time)
    Servers: Servers that have been launched for at least a month.
    Description: The new League of Angels Cross Server Tournament starts on June 20th. Elite warriors from each server will have a chance to compete with their counterparts from the same time zone for the championship in the 7-day tournament. The prizes include a Victoriana Figurine, Victoriana's Icon, Athena's Icon, Mythic Equipment Prints (used to synth Lvl. 60/70/80 Mythic Equipment), special Flair, Prestige, Gold, etc.

    * For rules and details regarding Cross-server Tournament gameplay, please check the RULES below.

    Cross Server Tournament Intro
    Basic gameplay for the cross-server tournament is composed of 3 stages: Group Stage, Tournament, and Prize Collection.

    Stage 1: Group Stage

    Duration: Day 1 to Day 3 (server time)
    Level Requirement: Lvl. 50+

    • Click on the Tournament icon at the top of the game window to bring up the Tournament battlefield.
    • During the group stage, each eligible player has 10 free attempts to challenge other players based on matches made by the system.
    • You can spend Diamonds to purchase extra attempts.
    • Once you have defeated all 10 opponents, the opponent list will be refreshed upon re-entering the Tournament panel.
    • Each victory will give you group stage points and rewards; if you fail, the prizes will be halved.
    • Only when all the opponents on the current tier are defeated will the tier prize be issued.
    • Group Stage prizes include Gold, Prestige, and Warrior's Marks (can be used to exchange for Lvl. 60 Mythic Equipment Prints and materials).
    • League of Angels Tournament Shop.
    Stage 2: Tournament

    Duration: Day 4 to Day 5 (server time)
    Requirements: The 100 players with the highest group stage points can participate in the final tournament.

    Each finalist has 10 daily challenge attempts. When you defeat an opponent, you take his/her ranking. You can spend Diamonds to purchase extra attempts.

    All tournament participants can collect a personal gift pack. The quality of the gift pack is determined by your final rank. The prizes include Gold, Prestige, Royal's Marks (can be used to redeem special items), and Flair.

    Stage 3: Prize Collecting

    Duration: Day 6 to Day 7 (server time)
    All the players on the same server as the Top 10 tournament winners can collect a gift pack from the Tournament panel.

    Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.

    R2Games LoA Ops Team

    Official Site:
    Found a bug? Report it here: Happy gaming! :o:cool:;)

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    every 100 players buy huge amount of attempts in cross server tournament so others can't be in top 100 even if they can do more than other 100.. what's the point? pf


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      Originally posted by R250784085 View Post
      every 100 players buy huge amount of attempts in cross server tournament so others can't be in top 100 even if they can do more than other 100.. what's the point? pf
      Yea remove attempt buy and let them spend dime to imrpove gears, not deepest pockets get in top 100.
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        isnt it about time you made warrior marks synthable to royal marks as warrior marks are useless got all those heroes and full godly on all heroes and main and now we need royal marks for more things do something for your players in stead of your pockets for once
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        Guild : wintergarden


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          For how much longer you will screw with us???? s-253...first you failed to add team tournament now no cst? You are really over-pushing our limits.


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            S-255 also missing Cross-Server Tournament, intentional or just bugged as hell?

            and on top of that, S-259 have Cross-Server Tournament, although they dont meet the requirements.
            Last edited by liondalle; 06-20-2015, 09:14 AM.


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              They are really pushing the limit now its bull s hit tbh


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                no replies guess that means we don't get f ook all 2nd tourney in a row, that's me done