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League of Angels - Server Merges 9/26

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  • #16
    Originally posted by olruzechmann View Post
    I'm 80% sure they will mess it up again anyway. Last time the merge failed, all toons deleted and we had to start with lvl 1 again. It took a few days to reset and afterwards more than a week until it worked again...
    Actually I hope it fails again so I won't merge xD I know it's bad to think that way, but don't wanna merge with 2 other servers.
    Just a friendly player trying to help. I'm not a moderator .


    • #17
      S162/ UB 41 need merge why are we not get merge


      • #18
        Hot events is bugged after the merger to ua84. The second tab doesn't have all events. Please fix that before reset time.
        screenshot:Click image for larger version

Name:	hot events bugged after merger.jpg
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Size:	248.3 KB
ID:	1727256


        • #19
          wanna merge, mb cross server start work, 4-5 month not work and support just do nothing


          • #20
            Okay, thank you for fixing hot events. I don't know if that is an aftermath of the big mergers now but everything cross server can't be accessed. Would be nice if you could fix that too before alliance expedition starts this week. Both servers I'm on are affected: ua84 (merged) and S293 (not merged).


            • #21
              By the way, good job. This time I still got all my stuff it seems and I don't have to start over from level 1, lol.


              • #22
                I guess that UB30 doesn't need merging... Maybe about 5 or 6 in World Boss and very lil number of toons for other events too.