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League of Angels Christmas Events

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  • casseopeya
    Character name: DrawingHood
    Server: S281 Sea of Aren (UA84)
    Event Category No.: 2


    Not everyone has a fun Christmas, a month that's supposed to be fun where children make their wishes in hope that they come true, where people celebrate it with their family and friends.
    Someone don't even have a family, some can't celebrate Christmas, some just also simply don't.

    Amy has a loving family, parents and a brother. Unlike other people, they didn't celebrate Christmas- not because they didn't want to, but because they couldn't afford presents nor a Christmas tree. Amy as well as her brother always dreamed of celebrating Christmas.
    But they knew they couldn't ask that of their parents ,they knew they worked hard already to pay the bills and to put food on their plates. In their parents eyes, Amy and her brother were very precious. They'd even give their children more food than they would put on their own plate,
    they were only so young and were still growing and they needed the food to continue developing. Their parents wished that they could shower their children with presents, they only wish to see their children happy.

    Surprisingly when Amy woke up on the day of Christmas, not expecting to receive any gifts nor to come in a room filled with Christmas decorations or a tree.... There indeed weren't any decorations nor a tree, but in front of her bedroom door when she walked out a few presents were ready with her name on it and the same by her brothers door.
    Amy was confused, surprised and even shed some tears. Quickly she ran downstairs to thank her parents, she noticed a small paper on the table with, ''Dear Amy and Shane, we hope that you're happy with your gifts... We tried to save money and put the money into a jar. This was so we could buy these presents for you. We're off to work... We hope you both will enjoy and love these gifts''.
    She started crying, knowing how hard they must have worked to buy them those.

    Luckily her father got a promotion, her mother found another job and this way they earned more money so that every year, they could celebrate Christmas. Yes, it may have been simply luck... A wish granted... A Christmas Miracle. But even though after all these years, with the way how they lived on the edge, they now could finally have some room to breathe. Despite that Amy nor her brother never hated them for not giving them presents, or only receiving small gifts.

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  • dk_505
    IGN: ShadowLancer
    SERVER: ub33

    Jingle bells, Miya smells,
    SQ laid an egg;
    Godly bow lost its arrows,
    And Shadowlancer got away!
    Last edited by Alkaris; 12-15-2016, 10:24 PM. Reason: Good job in posting Gragas, so original.

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  • Alkaris
    A small update, this event is exclusive for R2Games platform. You can only participate if your character and server are located on R2 platform.

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  • R247537393
    Server: [S40] Final Rapture

    Christmas Poem:
    Angel of the soul

    Thee love's thou heart
    And thou soul
    For thee see thou heart
    By watching how thou help's
    Thee can see into
    Thou soul by thou eyes
    For thou is an angel within
    Thou soul
    For thou friendship is heaven to touch
    Thou niceness is thou wings
    Thou soul is that of an angel
    That was sent here by heaven
    Thou is an angel within

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