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League of Angels Christmas Events

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  • R2_Cinney
    started a topic League of Angels Christmas Events

    League of Angels Christmas Events

    Dear Heroes and Angels, Christmas is coming and LoA will soon be celebrating its third birthday! Therefore, we have prepared some really special events for you, participate in them to win prizes!

    From 12/12 to 12/16, join one or multiple events to participate. The winning creative works will be voted on. The winning player may win rare Heroes, Angels, Sylphs, Mounts, Fairies, Clothings and/or Wings. Players who reply to the thread will also get a participation prize.

    Event Categories:
    1) Design a 15X15 cm or 21X9.9 cm LoA Wish Card (image)
    2) Christmas Story
    3) Christmas Poem

    Event Process and Rules:

    Stage 1: 12/12 to 12/16, post your original pieces below.
    Character name: XX
    Server: S# Server Name only R2Games server and characters can participate in event.
    Event Category No.: 1/2/3
    Creative Work: Text or image
    *Please upload clear pictures of your work.

    1. You can participate in all three event categories, but each category can only be participated in once per person. Put all your creative works in one post, and mark the category number.
    2. Chance to win will be forfeited if the post is in the wrong format.
    3. Unrelated posts will be deleted. Images, poems and stories that are not original pieces will not be accepted.
    4. Every participating player will only receive the participation prize once.

    Stage 2: 12/17 to 12/20, a voting thread will be posted on the forum with the 10 best creative works to be voted on.
    1. If the response to this post is very high, we will instead pick 20 pieces in the voting thread. All players can vote, the top 10 creative works with the most votes winning.
    2. Each player can only vote once.
    3. If multiple pieces get the same number of final votes, then they will be regarded as a tie. For example: if the top 2 pieces get the same number of votes, then they will tie for first place, the next rank will be third place.
    4. If all 3 of a player’s works are selected, s/he may receive up to 3 ranking prizes.

    Stage 3: 12/21 to 12/30, winners should contact the Moderator to claim their prizes or file a ticket to customer service to claim the prizes. All prizes (including participation prizes) will be issued before 12/30.

    Ranking Prize:
    1st place: Hero x1 or Sylph x1 + Lvl. 10 Fusion Gem Chest x1 + Lvl. 10 Cherubstone x1
    2nd-3rd place: Angel x1 + Lvl. 9 Fusion Gem Chest x1 + Lvl. 9 Cherubstone x1
    4th-6th place: Mount x1 or Garden Decor x1 + Lvl. 8 Fusion Gem Chest x1 + Lvl. 8 Cherubstone x1
    7th-10th place: Fairy x1 or Clothing (or Wings) x1 + Lvl. 7 Fusion Gem Chest x1 + Lvl. 7 Cherubstone x1

    Participation Prize
    3000 Voucher + Lvl. 9 Adv. Gem Chest x1(prizes will be adjusted)

    Note: You can only select items that have existed in game before 11/24 update as your prize (Heroes, Angel, Sylphs, Mounts, Fairies, Clothings, Wings, etc).
    *Happy playing and Merry Christmas!*
    Click image for larger version

Name:	LoA Angel Aphrodite wallpaper.jpg
Views:	2
Size:	199.9 KB
ID:	1787127
    Last edited by Alkaris; 12-12-2016, 03:29 AM.

  • Alkaris
    Stage 1 has ended. Thread for Stage 2 will be posted soon, thanks all participants for their entries.

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  • miaka18
    CAthegory #1

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Merry xmas and happy 3 years LOA.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	365.6 KB
ID:	1728162

    ign: Lady_Miaka
    server: ub17 or s97 furnace cave

    Merry Christmas to all players
    Happy 3rd Anniversary LOA
    Last edited by miaka18; 12-16-2016, 05:18 PM.

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  • hellabella_S1
    Character name: hellabella
    Server: S8 Captive Amora
    Event Category No.: 1

    Click image for larger version

Name:	card LOA 1.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	108.2 KB
ID:	1728161

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  • R253095369
    Character Name: ToughNut
    Server: S335
    Event Category: 3

    It was a snowy silent night,
    When I entered The Clash of Might,
    LOA players were full of Christmas cheer,
    Fighting for Christmas gear,
    As they looked to the sky with astonishment upon their face,
    Only to see a glorious Auricion Wyrm race,
    With the night so frosty and airy,
    They had in tow, their Christmas fairy,
    As family and friends filled their flasks,
    Most players were doing their daily tasks,
    With hopes and dreams of Christmas glee,
    That presents will be under their Lucky Tree,
    In one night, with land to cross,
    Santa will be the only World Boss,
    The angelic sounds of Christmas carol serenaders,
    Will fill the hearts of Bless Stone raiders,
    Their hearts will be filled with love and joy,
    When they open their Cosmic Capsule toys,
    This Christmas season, love and joy will spread,
    With growth of battle ratings thru our Homesteads,
    Christmas day is close in sight,
    So always strive to be #1 in Clash of Might.
    Last edited by R253095369; 12-16-2016, 08:15 PM.

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  • zanaku420
    character name::erza
    server:::s236 silverwood(after merge ua70)
    Event Category No.: 1

    Click image for larger version

Name:	art.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	341.0 KB
ID:	1728160

    hope u will like it :::

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  • santoerakita
    Character name : Skywalker
    Server : [S336] Warlock's Fen
    Event Category : 2

    One day, someone who was starring as santa was on duty in a mall.
    He was very surprised when out of a sudden, a beautiful young girl aged
    about 20s running and sat on his lap.
    Santa Claus does not usually take requests from adults,
    but this one is exceptional because Santa couldnt help with the girl's excellent smile.

    Santa : "HoHoHo... What do you want for Christmas?"

    Girl : "Something for my mother."

    Santa : "Something for your mother? Well, that's sweet, you want to bring anything?"

    Girl : "Son-in-law!!!"

    Santa : "You got me!! Merry Christmas!!"

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  • sunktokecastardancer
    Jingle Bells, Cast Your Spells

    ING Star Dust
    server [S336] Warlock's Fen
    Category No. : 3

    Jingle Bells, Cast Your Spells

    Jingle Bells, Cast Your Spells
    make your whole team gay
    oh what fun it is to one hit someone
    with a mage

    Jingle Bells, Cast Your Spells
    make your whole team gay
    oh what fun it is to one hit someone
    with a mage

    Flying through the BR
    Crushing all we see
    wth our mages wands we go
    casting all the way
    with rage in chat goes on
    to make our spirits bright
    oh wat fun it is to win and make everyone rage tonight

    Jingle Bells, Cast Your Spells
    make your whole team gay
    oh what fun it is to one hit someone
    with a mage

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  • Uchkuduk
    Character name: Morgana
    Server: S8 Captive Amora
    Event Category No.: 2

    Every year before Christmas, when snow falls, in hall of Kingdom of Gods big company gather to celebrate.
    Three angels Claudia, Amore and Lunaria reminisce of old times, when they were accompanying every noble Hero of League and tell stories of their great battles to younger angels. Old man Zweinhander remember old party songs, which Astral Child was singing in Dawn Tavern when she was young pretty girl.
    Now she grown to be a fine Lady, whose beauty can compete with Golden Queen and Hoarfrost Blade.
    Small fairies Moonlight Hare and Pirate Cat protects snack of Energy Vitamins, which they collected to share with their friends, from dumb mount Fiery Turkey. Everyone is curious, what is hidden behind mysterious sealed portal, will it bring a new mount to ride across fields of Elemental Zone and Divine Realm. Or it will be awesome hero, which will fight in numerous battles for justice and glory. Or angel, which will gift new and warm blessing to everyone. This mystery will be known later.
    For now, lets enjoy this nice party with big company of heroes, angels, mounts, fairies and friends, which grown so much in three years.
    Merry Christmas everyone! Merry Christmas R2Games and GTArcade!

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  • gwadafan
    Character name : Gwadafan
    Server : S95 - Mistshade Town (ub24)
    Event category : N°1 and N°2
    Click image for larger version

Name:	christmas 2016 league of angel Gwadafan.jpg
Views:	2
Size:	215.5 KB
ID:	1728149

    "Gwadafan, turning her head towards Lucy and Marc, her childreen, smiles as childreen joy is the the most desirable gift at Christmas day.

    The sound boot's of a fierce claw wolf suddenly call her attention. Raising her sword, she hail her black stallion to stand for against this new ennemy ......"

    The Gwader history
    The Origins.

    Chapter*1: Misun

    The young lady was sweeping the stoned floor of the rich Karghan manor around the Christmas tree.
    Gwadafan is happy to finish this long work before the evening. Tired and sweaty with only a very green dress, the servant won't be allowed to stay a minute more while the first guests come for a long waited reception.

    Gwadafan heads toward the backyard of the manor to store her basket and her broom. Her poor appearance make her unnoticed from the young teenagers and adults of the family who where playing in the inner garden.

    Only the grandfather Harris, a famous warrior of the previous war of clans, notice her firm and muscular body. Gwadafan was employed since 2 years in this house and changed a lot.

    «* Gwadafan, come please*», calls Harris.

    The girl was so surprised by this call, that she stops, like stunned. But she comes quick, anxious. Her job in the manor isn't very interesting but better than being a servant in a filthy bar with violent drunkers.

    «*Yes my lord*», replies the woman.
    «* You work hard today and very conscienscously. Tomorrow come later*» told the aged tall man.
    «* I'm not tired. I can come like usual*» answered back the young woman.

    The grandfather smiles, seeing the mark of the tireness in her brown eyes*: «* Don't surestimate your strength. Later, knowning your limits can save your life in battle.*I have a new task for you for tomorrow. So rest yourself.»

    «* As you wish. If you agreed, I would like to come back to the Orphan House.*», answered the girl.

    «* Sure go ahead before night.*» replies the Baron.


    Gwadafan crosses the big porch of the huge orphan house. 8 years before, she find this only shelter in Misum town with her sister Tipunchla after the destruction of the family house and the loss of their parents. With no lineage and no money, the orphanage was the only welcoming house.

    She meet the sister Loreila who asked of her day*:
    «*How was your days, Gwadafan*?*»
    «*Fine, sister. Baron Harris is pleased by my work*»
    «*Excellent and have you news of Tipunchla*?*»
    Gwadafan lowered his eyes with sadness «* unfornately, Ma'am*»

    Tipunchla, bored to be only a 2nd class citizen, flew the orphanage, 1 year later. Gwadafan tried to educate her well but the cold eyed girl turns bad when she entered the Gang of the Reapers.

    After the arrest of most of the members, Tipunchla manage to be uncharged but wasn't well appreciated. Tired of the rumors , the semi-elf decide to leave Misun and head to the silvian territories of the North.

    Gwadafan, after having a boiled soup and a slice of meat, opened the door of her little room and lying of her bed.
    Without Tipunchla presence, the woman start to wipe, feeling so alone*: «* Mom, Dad. You're miss me so much*».

    Exhausted by her day, she fell asleep, wondering the soon task for Baron Harris.

    Chapter*2: The chamber of war

    Gwadafan, enter the Manor at the tide of the day. The huge centenary wall have always appears to most visitors like a prison but for Gwadafan, it was a shelter. The attack of her childhood mansion by werewolf and orcs have everly print her cautionness in her mind.

    She moved swiftly to avoid awaken people who were sleeping still. The Glorious christmas tree enlightened by magical candle et fire fairies was dancing in this air.

    Baron Harris, standing in the middle of the inner garden, come to her*:
    «* Bonjour Gwadafan. Follow me please.*»
    «* Yes sir.*» replies the girl.

    Turning a key into a 7 feet wooden armored door, the baron enter a wall with little decor. Only was hook, steel weapons and plate armor. Gwadafan, opens wide her eyes. The shine of the old but perfect maintained weapons have always please her.

    She always feel that becoming a warrior was her ultimate destiny under her kidness

    Baron Harris arrive in a 20 yards circle hall, covered by a wooden parquet and simple stoned wall.
    He hang a broom toward Gwadafan, surprised by this move*:
    «* Do you want i clean this piece*?*».
    Smiling, the baron replies «* Not today, i will train you in weaponry. That's your new task, Gwadafan*»
    «*Why, Sir*?*»
    «* Let me told you a story. Years ago, our house have fought hard against the clans of orcs. We won and king granted this ducal county. But now, i'm old and with no male successor. My daughter Clara is lovely and clever. She will be a great baroness but she is also subject to be threatened. She asked to have a female gender bodyguard *»

    Gwadafan, stepped back of 2 feet. Protector the daughter of the baron is a big responsability.

    Baron harris stare in the eye of Gwadafan*: «* Will you accept it*?*».
    «*Yes, sir*» answered the young lady with a little hesitation.

    «* Excellent, Gwadafan. I will train you before your usual job. Of course, i will you pay more*».

    Gwadafan smiles and ask «* why the broom*?*»

    The baron, with a clinched eye, replies «* Clara asks that your new skill stay secret. I will train you to use common item, like broom, but as a arm. A broom can be a dangerous staff in the hand of a well trained fighter*»

    During a hour, the huge warrior taught the learning of the poses and the combo with the staff of the young woman.

    At the end of the day, Gwadafan was finishing the clean of the room. Followed by young noble girls, the countess Clara smile to the maiden while crossing the piece. The young girl notices the gracile but quick moves of the servant and saying, inside her, «*The gift of Santa Claus is very dedicated*».

    To be continued.
    Last edited by gwadafan; 12-16-2016, 10:54 AM.

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  • R247111761
    Character name: liviaraluca
    Server: S8-Captive Amora
    Event Category No.: 3

    I miss you Santa, and from my heart,
    I`m writing you this letter, like many others do.
    I don`t want to ask you for a new phone,
    I don`t want to ask you for my favorite hero,
    There are other things Santa that would give me joy.
    I wrote you every year, but maybe you are old,
    Or maybe you forgot,
    I want all my family home, arround the Christmas Tree similig.
    Whatever everyone else is saying, I trust you Santa,
    I trust you are a humble honest old-man,
    If Christmas is the time to be good,
    Please be good Santa and bring my family for Christmas.
    Last edited by R247111761; 12-14-2016, 07:26 AM.

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  • R235962306
    Character Name: Shado
    Server: S8-Captive Amora
    Event Category No. : 1
    Click image for larger version

Name:	lol3.png
Views:	1
Size:	427.5 KB
ID:	1728159
    Last edited by R235962306; 12-16-2016, 01:45 AM.

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  • jen.ring82
    Character name: Tigger
    Server: S335
    Event Category No.: 3

    What does Christmas Mean to Me?

    What does Christmas mean to me?
    A time for more love and spending time with friends
    Parties galore and many festivities
    seeing plays and nativities

    What does Christmas mean to me?
    A time to help those in need
    A time to remember those who are deceased
    It's not a time for companies' revenues to increase
    It is a time to be with those you love and hold dear
    That is the real meaning of Christmas cheer

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  • Alkaris
    And another addition, this thread will be strictly moderated. If you have any question about rules or other thing please send PM to me, i will try to answer as soon as possible, but as i am human and we dont have robotic implants yet, it may take time.

    You put server which shows in chat when you join game, usually it is name which is after merge.

    We will be checking stories, poems and images for being original, if they dont - posts will be deleted, also it may disqualify you from receiving any rewards. Please be nice and follow rules of event.

    With best regards,
    community moderator
    Last edited by Alkaris; 12-14-2016, 03:07 AM.

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  • R249902837
    Character Name: RoxieArcher
    Server: 204 The Floating City
    Event Category: Christmas Story

    To start with, Just call Me Gha. I grow up in one of the mountainous area in Pacific Island.
    I been in my 29 years of existing but through that life journey I never been experience a Happy Christmas Life story.
    We are not so rich, not so poor but we sometimes can afford but not really.
    Every Christmas time my mother try to prepare a simple dishes and happy lights. But sad to say we are not complete because my sisters are not available but we are all trying to make our christmas merry.
    During the time we move out to a city we been having a black Christmas every time a Christmas eve will come to us.
    And its sad because my mother passed away already. We are now celebrating this Christmas with pain in heart but We believe Jesus was with my mother to take good care of her in heaven.
    I will try my best to make this day will be Merry and gay.
    I want this Christmas be meaningful even though we are not complete family anymore but we try our best to make it Happier.
    Because I believe God will make a miracle to make this event Grande.
    Bonding with relatives and connect a family a cross the world will make our Christmas joy able.

    Sorry Notes. To Relieve my pain Before Christmas will End. Also A peace of mind.

    Dear God,
    I started to wrote down my Sorry notes to those I have wronged with.To my family, friends, new acquaintances, to the one who test my faith, my life personality, my life appearance and journey.
    Yes, I am not perfect person to judge other, and I am not perfect person to accuse somebody, to impersonate somebody for I know my limitations and the thing I can and can not. Yes, I schooled but I don't judge myself for being a failure in the thing I can not get. I honestly failed many times in an examination, for I know I am not perfect. I studied and reviewed so many times but Sorry that's all I can. I believe God give a way for me to prove again but in a different dimension, for He knows my plan not to destroy my life, not to kill my dream but to strive again with faith and Love of Him.
    To my NANAY who is in Heaven now. Sorry Nay, I am not strong enough to fight for you in the time we had been tested by God. Test to prove them there such a superior people on Earth. But Nay, you know, that I love you so much. I love you with all my heart. I was so pity myself and for you because I done nothing good to make you feel better, but still God was with you and Love you Nay.
    To my friends Sorry maybe I was tempted to accuse you guys for treating me badly, or maybe its all in my mind, but for my curiosity I still I know you guys. How good are you and good friends to me. And I know, you know me guys since we been schooled.
    To my Ka FB friends SORRY for some of my terror and insult post in Facebook. Its so appealing right through to the bones but its all about a status not really serious peru may laMAN SORRY If na tamaan ka man.
    To the person who are special someone Last Year SORRY. I disturbed your silence. I was so crazy BABY!.
    To the people on Earth. Sorry if I made you worried. I know I am just little young man with a dream to make my NANAY and TATAY and the rest of my family proud of me.
    Sorry guys!
    Sorry Lord God!
    Sorry to my family I wronged with
    Sorry friends
    MAy God Bless Us All. With an inner PEACE in Heart and in MInd!
    God Love us ALL

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