Spring is beginning to make an appearance, and, the Angels' mounts are ready for a change! This week we'll be introducing an update chockfull of new mount evolutions as well as a wild new costume to help you take control of the beasts! Read on for details!

Update Time: Mar. 2nd
New Version: V3.90

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New Mounts:
1. Ghostfire Cat -The evolution of Persian Cat.
Glamour Skill: Ghostfire Embrace

2. Seraphic Cat - The evolution of Ghostfire Cat.
Glamour: Seraphic Embrace

3. Iridescent Warhorse - The evolution of Warhorse.
Glamour skill: Iridescent Battle Cry

4. Cerulean Warhorse - The evolution of Iridescent Warhorse.
Glamour skill: Cerulean Battle Cry

5. Purgatory Warhorse - The evolution of Cerulean Warhorse.
Glamour skill: Purgatory Battle Cry

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New Clothing:
Devotee Costume - Wear an outfit as that commands the kind of attention you deserve. This powerful looking set is sure to win the devotion of beast and human alike.

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Event Preview:
The 24th Cross-server Tournament will start on March 5th (server time).

R2Games LoA Ops Team