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[Update] [Forum Event] Happy Goddess' Day!

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  • #46
    Server: S319
    Character Name: KimChii
    I so thank to my mother.. i want to said i love her so mush. Ty


    • #47
      Server: UC8/S204 The Floating City
      Character: BABES

      HAppy Womens Day!

      My mother is the most beautiful woman I ever met. She is so beautiful and kind. She is responsible in every means. She doing her job well to love her childrens and family. She is no other women around. That's why i respected her with love and kind. She pass aways with a smile on her face for she knows and believe she brought her children in goods hand and successful in many ways. I love her so much.
      My Sisters are my tandem and my partner in all crimes. I love them both, even one of my sister is already married she is still loving and took her responsibilities to us. She love us. She is also a great mum on her childrens. She is loving women and her husband so responsible and love her a lot. This kind of journey with us is so beautiful and meaningful that no one caN judge us but love us as so much.
      To all women here in my country and all over the world my respect and love for you is always in my heart. You are all guys are heroes of your own families and land. Take care yourself and God may do the rest. Love you all.
      Click image for larger version

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      • #48
        all females in game , happy women's day
        IGN : ShAdOw
        server : 333 Ravencrag


        • #49
          IGN: SampleBallot
          Server: [S301] Silver Heath

          Blessed all the women all over the world especially to my wife and daughter.


          • #50
            Server: 267 sea of stars
            Character Name : demonius


            • #51
              Server :276
              IGN gingersnap

              HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY


              • #52
                For my beloved girlfriend...
                I thank you the most for making me stumble in your path and for making our lives cross and end up together. You might be half world away, but that will never make me give up on you, you're very special to me, making my life way much more colorful and my heart full. Wo ai ni wo de gongzhu <3

                IGN: Moxxi
                Server: ua72
                "A gamer lives a thousand lives before it dies"


                • #53
                  Server: S13 Valkyrie`s Call
                  IGN: ZerotresZ

                  I wish all the best to my mother and my sister and my girlfriend, i will do anything to make you all happy International Womans Day


                  • #54
                    server S326
                    IGN: butterflylov

                    Happy women's day to all the wonderful women out there and to my daughter, mother, sisters and daughter in law.. may you always be strong and full of love


                    • #55
                      Server: 297
                      Character Name: Sinner

                      No man successed w/o a good woman behin him.
                      wife or mother, ifit is both,he is twice blessed indeed


                      • #56
                        Server: [S301] Silver Heath
                        Character name : Archer

                        “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.”
                        Happy women's Day!
                        LoA: [S301] Silver Heath & [S316] Savage sea


                        • #57
                          happy this day for all women in my mom , my kiki , and for two beautifull little angels from 10 and 3 years old


                          • #58
                            happy this day to me , and all wifes in my life


                            • #59
                              Character Name:nana


                              • #60
                                Server: 293
                                Character Name: Sinner

                                Happy Woman Day

                                your heart with devotion
                                your soul with purity, peace
                                and bring joy to your heart friends and family