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[Update] [Forum Event] Happy Goddess' Day!

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  • Server: s329
    Character name: Khaylla

    Well, first I would like to thank the most wonderful women in my life, for staying there for me. Thank you, you are the best. And happy day to all women around the world!!


    • Server : S-279 Sea Of Pearls
      Character Name : Kamandanu

      Thank You for everything From all Women In my Life


      • Server:S38
        Character Name: KAIBLOOD


        • [S293] Witchmoor-League Of Angel at
          May all women in world has beauty has never be undone and lovingly forsaken entire universe ever after.
          Click image for larger version

Name:	111216975_1.jpg
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ID:	1729150

          BAPER/[S293] Witchmoor


          • Server: 345 Trollfren Moor
            Character: Deion

            I wish for my wife and two daughters that they get the respect they deserve for being part of my life.
            There what keeps me going every night.


            • Server 328
              Character Name: Lamia

              I wish all ladies to love and be loved. I wish that all times you crying it will be only becouse you are happy very much.


              • Server: Wandering Plains (S280)
                Character Name: Epnilora

                I just wanted to say, that I truly, truly appreciate all the women in my life. I appreciate all my female friends, all my aunts, my grandmas, and most of all, my mother. I mean, would we even exist without them?
                All jokes aside, I would do anything to protect all the women in my life, because I care for them.


                • Lol epic fail event


                  • Server: Fortuna's Folly
                    Character Name: Diamondixi

                    I want to wish all women, regardless of age, race, color, and identity, the warmest and best of luck as you strive to accomplish whatever endeavors that you desire to achieve. As a woman myself, I know how it feels to work in a man's world as I am the only female in my office, and yet, I can honestly say that the men in my firm look to me for help and guidance. For all the women reading this message: Do not forget that we make up the other half of our male counterparts' lives and without us, the world would not be what it is today.


                    • Server : UB24
                      Character Name : Gwadafan

                      Dear Mom ( chère Maman), I dedicate this day to you, and me for all the valors you give me and i try to transmit to my childreen. Je t'aime.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	2017 draw women day march0001.jpg
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Size:	408.3 KB
ID:	1729152

                      Gwadafan, the young mother is checking her equipment before leaving the Guild Manor

                      Lucy, worried : " Mummy. Again, you're going to fight demons ? "

                      The Lady in red turns back toward her beautifull daughter : " Yes my dear Lucy. I promise to come back very quick with Honda. I fight to give you a better world to grow"

                      The girl, smiles and give a last kiss to her mother : " I luv you, Mom"

                      " I luv you, too. my precious daughter", replies the Young berserker, trying to hide the tears in her green eyes"

                      While quiting, Gwadafan made a silent pray to Angels : " Please give me the bravery to overcome difficulties for a better future to our childreen"

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                      • s343 Kale
                        for my mum you are my strength and my heart :*
                        ReGrEt ~NoThInG~dEnY~eVeRyThInG~:cool:


                        • server: s99 rainreef camp
                          ign : antonette

                          i wish my wife and daughter on this special day.
                          the best mom and diligent daughter....


                          • Server: S8 Captive Amora
                            IGN: hellabella

                            To my sister: You are still and you were always the one making my heart tremble and my soul sing as the warmth of your smile lay down upon me ♥♫♥.

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	a sister just like you.jpg
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Size:	78.6 KB
ID:	1729155
                            hellabella, S4 Westhollow
                            Growth is painful, change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you do not belong.


                            • s: 39
                              character: rozemary
                              Happy March 8!


                              • Server 238
                                character darkday
                                Happy day for all girlss!!!!!!!