Update Time: October 12th
New Version: V3.90

New Hero:
1.Golden Disciple
The evolution of Genesis has arrived and comes with her unique skill, Prayer of Light.Click image for larger version

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2.Thunderclap King
Witness the royal ascension as Thunder Lord evolves into Thunderclap King.

New Sylph:
The all-knowing apostle has come to spread the wisdom of the ancient world.
Click image for larger version

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New Item:
Khaos Cards
Including Khaos Zinnia Card, Khaos Poseidon Card and Khaos Mail of Fury Card.

New Mount:
Divine Pegasus
Evolution of Pegasus with Glamour skill: Flying Gallop.

Majestic Pegasus
Evolution of Divine Pegasus with Glamour skill: Suffering Gallop.

Heavenly Pegasus:
Evolution of Majestic Pegasus with Glamour skill: Mysterious Gallop.
Click image for larger version

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New Fairy Evolution:
Check out the evolution of Moonfall.

Halloween decorations added in game.

Smelting event will start on October 16th (server time).