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League of Angels Annual Sale!

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  • League of Angels Annual Sale!

    3 Days Log-in Gift Pack
    Event time: 9/8 - 9/10
    • Login for 1 day: Seraph's Stone x50, Element Scroll x50, Magic Mount Soul x50
    • Login for 2 days: Stable Crystal x100, Enchanted Ore x100, Soulstone x100
    • Login for 3 days: Spirit Essence x80, Spring of Glass x80, Godsend x200

    9.9 Promo Pack
    Event time?9/8 - 9/10
    Description: During the event, get a valuable reward for your first Recharge on each day (in any amount)!
    • Day 1 Recharge Seraph's Stone x120, Element Crystal x200, Core of Constraint x200, Odd Fruit x200
    • Day 2 Recharge Refining Stone x100, Blessed Stone x200, Flaring Heart x200, Energy Vitamin x200
    • Day 3 Recharge Angel Tears x50, Purgatory Soul x200, Honor Mark x200, Blessed Stone x200