League of Angels Version Update 11/22: New Angel, New Clothing, New Mount Evo ... and many more!

On the 22nd of November, we have a game update that brings the following new items and improvements:

New items:
  • New Clothing - Matchmaker
  • New Angel - Damia
  • New Mount Evo - Bladehawk - White Falcon > Bloody Falcon > Golden Falcon
  • New Homestead Blueprint - Thanksgiving theme
  • New Amulet Evo: Adv. Staff of Witchcraft
  • If this works as intended, FORTUNE BAG has had a rev.amp about how the doubles come up for swaps. From now on, even if you own it or not, if you draw an ITEM (not resource) in Fortune Bag, you should receive a swap option each time. With this we hope to end the issue we have been struggling for years, with the event gave no swaps for Items players already owned.
  • Single Server Tycoon should start, as always, on December 10th.