League of Angels Version Update 03/19: New Angel, New Mount, New Sylph, New Clothing, New Homestead!

Here is the content of the new game update which occurs today.

1. New Clothing: Lovely Bunny

2. New Hero Evolve: Blood Witch (Sybil > Scarlet Witch > Blood Witch) Skill: Ritual of Blood

3. New Mount: Spatio-temporal Spirit
Skill: Time Warp

4. Mount Evos:
1st evo: Shadowy Scorpion
Skill: Shadowy Sting

2nd evo: Sparkling Scorpion
Skill: Sparkling Sting

3rd evo: Thunder Scorpion
Skill: Thunder Sting

5. New Sylph: Time Traveler - A traveler who can travel through time.
Skill: Time and Space

6. New Angel: Eileithyia
Skill: Rebirth

7. New Amulet: Cursed Orb (Twilight Queen)

8. New Homestead: Easter

Decoration items:

Gold Egg
Silver Egg
Easter Egg
Egg Cup

We also need to mention that from now on the game updates will occur monthly, (roughly on each 3rd week of the month, on a Thursday). Any change about that will be brought to your attention in advance.