Single-Server Tycoon for MAY!

SS Tycoon starts as usual on May 10th and lasts until May 15th, 23:59:59 (Server Time). A new beautiful and powerful angel awaits you this time, be ready to fight for her and make her join your team!
Let's take a look at the rewards in this Tycoon.

Place (Min Pts: 190,000) Rewards
1st Tuonetar's Icon*1, (L4) Azure Fury*1, Lvl. 12 Angel Essence Chest*1, Golden Color (23#)*1, Tycoon Certificate*6, Lvl. 14 Fusion Gem Chest*1, Lvl. 9 Armament Crystal Chest*4
2nd-3rd Eileithyia's Icon*1, (L3) Missional Chaos' Ring*1, Lvl. 11 Angel Essence Chest*1, Knight Crystal (22#)*1, Tycoon Certificate*4, Lvl. 13 Fusion Gem Chest*2, Lvl. 9 Armament Crystal Chest*2
4th-10th Lvl. 13 Valuable Gem Chest*2, Tycoon Certificate*3?Dark Power(21#)*1, Lvl. 13 Fusion Gem Chest*2, Super Armament chest?Mythic)*2, Lvl. 8 Armament Crystal Chest*4
11th-20th Lvl. 13 Valuable Gem Chest*1, Tycoon Certificate*2?Dark King’s Mask (20#)*1, Lvl. 13 Fusion Gem Chest*1?Super Armament chest?Mythic)*1, Lvl. 7 Armament Crystal Chest*6
21st-999th Lvl. 12 Valuable Gem Chest*1, Lvl. 11 Fusion Gem Chest*1, Tycoon Certificate*1, Super Armament Chest (legendary)*2, Lvl. 6 Armament Crystal Chest*6