League of Angels Version Update 06/29: New Angel, New Sylph, New Fairy, New Mount and Mount Evos ... and so many more!

Let's take a peek on what the update expected to happen today would bring (new shiny "toys" to play with and enjoy, ).

1. New Clothing: Police Uniform

2. New Hero: Wyvern Queen (evolution of Twilight Queen)
Skill: Pure Light

3. New Mount: Golden Beast
Skill: Golden Challenge

4. Mount Evos (for Blue Reindeer):
1st evo: Shimmer Stag
Skill: Radiant Blessing

2nd evo: Heaven Stag
Skill: Skies Blessing

3rd evo: Sapphire Stag
Skill: Sapphire Blessing

5. New Angel: Philophrosyne
Skill: Exquisite

6. New Sylph: The Great Titan
Skill: Titan's Ram

7. New Fairy: Treant
"The ancient spirit living in the depths of Mirkwood."

8. New Homestead: Mirkwood
Decors: Mushroom, Deadwood, Stone Pile, Golem, Tent

9. Angel Awaken: Awakening Stone for Brigid

10. New Amulet: Adv.Soul-Siphoner (Colossus)

There might be some changes with the names of items which will be signaled and corrected here as soon as possible, if they occur .