League of Angels Version Update 07/23: New Angel, New Mount, New Clothing, New Mount Evos ... and many more!

Let's take a peek at the wonderful and shiny new "toys" the game update tomorrow comes with! Here are a new brand angel, a mount, clothing items, mount evos and some many other things!

1. New Clothing: Clown Fashion

2. New Hero Evo: Magma Rager (forColossus)
Skill: Lava Rain

3. New Mount: Shimmering Courser
Skill: The Last Flame

4. Mount Evos (for Cryo Wolf):
1st evo: Light Hyena
Skill: Light Burst

2nd evo: Radiant Hyena
Skill: Radiant Burst

3rd evo: Crystal Hyena
Skill : Crystal Burst

5. New Angel: Euterpe
Skill: Song of Celebrity

6. New Homestead: Forbidden Land
Decors: Status, Pot, Altar, Cask, Stone Carving, Table, Chair