League of Angels Version Update for AUGUST 2020: New Angel, New Clothing, New Mount and Mount Evos, New Sylph ... and so many more!

Let's take a peek at the amazing and beautiful new "toys" the game update for August comes with! Here are a new brand angel, a new hero, a new mount and mount evos, clothing items, a sylph and some many other things!

1. New Clothing: Interstellar Clothing

2. New Hero: Hell Earl
Skill: Blood Hell

3. New Angel:
Skill: Ice Blade

4. New Sylph: Frozen Heart

Skill: Bitter Cold

5. New Mount: Moonlight Fox
Skill: Dark Moon

6. Mount Evos (for Phantom Fox):
1st evo: Twilight Fox
Skill: Twilight Fox’s Charm

2nd evo: Sparkling Fox
Skill: Sparkling Fox’s Charm

3rd evo: Meteor Fox
Skill: Meteor Fox’s Charm

7. New Amulet: Storm Wand (for Whisper of Wind)

8. New Homestead: Luminous Palace
Decors: Palace Pillar, Palace Guardian, Exquisite Doll, Night Light, Palace Spikes, Exquisite Woodcarving, Guardian Status