League of Angels Version Update for OCTOBER 2020: New Angel, New Clothing, New Mount and Mount Evos, New Sylph, New Fairy ... and so many more!

Trick-or-Treat, Trick-or-Treat! Let's take a peek at the amazing and beautiful new items the game update for OCTOBER comes with! Here are a new brand angel, a new hero, a new mount and mount evos, clothing items, a sylph and a fairy! Isn't it just absolutely spooktakular?!

1. New Clothing: Wizard Robe

2. New Hero: Aqua Whisper (1st evolution of Whisper of Wind)
Skill: Aqua Dance

3. New Angel:
Skill: Death Lotus

4. New Sylph: Elf Swordsman

Skill: Riposte

5. New Mount: Frostwolf
Skill: Ice Realm

6. Mount Evos (for Lava Lizard):
1st evo: Fire Lizard
Skill: Mark of Fire

2nd evo: Flame Lizard
Skill: Mark of Flame

3rd evo: Magma Lizard
Skill: Mark of Lava

7. New Fairy: Eternal Phoenix
A Phoenix that nests in the lava.

"Don't treat me like a common bird! |I am eternal! |I come from fire!
The core of the volcano is my home. |I love the heat! |I'm freezing!"

8. New Homestead: Goddess' Battlefield
Decors: Warchest
War Tribute
War Supply
Honor Badge
Tower of Worship
Terrace of Tribute

NOTICE: Any changes or adjustments which might appear, due to the in-game development plan, will be announced here.