League of Angels Version Update - NOVEMBER 2020

November couldn't have passed without bringing some new shiny "toys" and giving us something to long for. Let's take a peek at the content of the game-update, bound to happen today (we hope so, at least, ).

1. NEW HERO EVOLUTION: Astromancer (2nd evo of Starcaller)

Skill: Starfall

2. NEW ANGEL: Tiamat

Skill: Dire Frenzy

3. NEW MOUNT: White Lion

Skill: White Claw

4. NEW FAIRY: Forest Emissary

Description: A traitor from the forest. "Watch my spear! |I have some sources, something very interesting... |I ain't a lamb! I've got my back in the forest! |No information today! |No one can run faster than me!"

for Lava Hound
1st evo: Firehound

Skill: Flame Claw

2nd evo: Darkhound

Skill: Hell Claw

3rd evo: Hellhound

Skill: Blood Claw

6. NEW CLOTHING: Santa Fairy

7. NEW HOMESTEAD: Sea Adventure

Decors: Starfish Seahorse Jellyfish Lamp Chair Precious Coral Blue Coral Fish Rug

8. NEW AMULET: Enchanted Blood (for Hell Earl)

NOTICE: Any changes or adjustments which might appear, due to the in-game development plan, will be announced here.