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League of Angels - Q&A with "Lorelei" Cosplayer Maridah

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  • League of Angels - Q&A with "Lorelei" Cosplayer Maridah

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Name:	[LoA]2014.01.12 - Maridah - Lorelei Cosplay 2.jpg
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    EDIT: The Q&A session with Maridah has now ended. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

    The Q&A session with Maridah starts soon, and will last for an hour or so starting at 7pm PDT (10pm EDT).

    And remember: You can win your very own cosplay print signed by Maridah herself! Just check out the details here!

    Maridah will be answering questions about making Lorelei come to life, and her cosplay work in general. Other questions are ok too as long as they're appropriate: Let's just keep this one clean, everyone

    So, to start off, let me ask first: How are you today, Maridah?

    (Note: If you have issues with the game or other unrelated comments, kindly post them in other threads. Thanks!)

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    Hi everyone! Thanks for the introduction, Gab! I'm doing great and looking forward to answering everyone's questions tonight


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      what was the reason you first started doing this cosplay thing
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        I first started watching anime in 1999, and by 2001 I wanted to go to a local convention. It seemed like a good idea to dress up for it, so I made myself and some of my high school friends costumes to wear. I've kept with it since then because it was fun to do.


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          Hi, Maridah, no question, just a thanks for the work you've done for LoA Thank you.
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            I've been a fan of yours, you look amazing.

            I think you should try Sophitia from the Soul Caliber Series.
            Also wondering, do you know Jessica Nigri? Would be awesome for you two to do a duo cosplay session =)


            • #7
              Thanks for the suggestion! I always played as Xianghua though so I've always wanted to cosplay her
              I've met Jessica and yeah, I certainly wouldn't turn down working together with her. I'm sure she's super busy though!


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                Hi Maridah! I'm a huge fan of your work. As I've mentioned plenty of times, your cosplay as Saber was and always will be my inspiration for me to have cosplayed as Saber as well. My question at the moment is regarding your Armored Saber cosplay. I'd like to know, what exact materials did you use for the armor and how did you do it?

                Thank you very much and I hope to meet you one day <3


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                  hi are you playing League of Angels too?


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                    Hi Maridah, I sure you know who my Daughter is, known as Chibi Mirai . Well this year she says that she wants to be Sailor ChibiMoon for this years AX. As me and my Wife are not at all gifted in making outfits (already failed 2 time at making her Mirai outfit so went to Miki for help), would you be able to recommend someone who is willing to make her outfit and when it comes to her hair, instead of a full hair wig that does not really "look" like chibimoon's hair no matter how good it is styled, I was thinking of making it out of some light weight foam and shaping it. any recommendations for the foam and crafting it? unless you know of a way to make it look good using a wig


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                      wow the dress is amazing, the armor is fantastic!! you look amazing too.. great work!


                      • #12
                        Thanks for the reply, whoot! One of my life long goals are complete!
                        I hope you enjoy the rest of your night, and hopefully I can meet you at a future comic con


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                          Thanks Mayushii! I've made that costume a few times, and each time it's a bit different. The first was made of Sintra and a little bit of craft foam. The second time I used more craft foam and a base layer of wonderflex under it for support for the breastplate. Now I'm working on it again for a third time and using Worbla. I have some posts and notes on the construction on my blog since it's a bit of an involved process that photos illustrate better. I'm also blogging my remake progress on my Sulia and Facebook pages, so hopefully seeing that come together can help you out! Saber's costume is deceptively hard to make, so I'm constantly trying to redo it XD I'm sure you understand that too!


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                            Hi Maridah! I've been a big fan of yours for a long time. Do you have any tips on making big puffed out sleeves? I've looked up many tutorials and none are quite big enough. You did something similar for your Saber cosplays. I'll be cosplaying Saber Alter this weekend at Megacon and I'm in crunch mode. It's my first time making armor, so I've had lots of errors. Here's a picture of some of the armor I've made if you'd like to see. Thanks!
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                              Hi BanZI29, I'm sorry I can't really recommend anyone offhand, but local tailors are often willing to take on costume commissions if you take in reference images. As for the wig, there are a lot of talented wig commissioners out there posting their services on cosplay forums and facebook. That would probably be your best bet.