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5/29 Maintenance Issues and Resolution Updates

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    Originally posted by R23048865 View Post
    another one who still belives in R2 and think it will be solved by monday ..
    and lol to that wolf thing.. BIG fix guys... writing 200 instead of 10 .. it should take you few days to fix it imo .
    and that wolf from what i see is totally useless
    If you think the mount is useless, then dont get it. Its a free mount as long as you play each day and get the shards.


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      Ya and what about the new angel us winners of the tourny were supposed to get?


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        well you will not get it. Read about it HERE
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          Its Monday. What **** is this ?

          Idun Ring ?
          Team Tournament Wager ?

          Click image for larger version

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              Originally posted by R2_Mars View Post
              Dear Heroes and Angels,

              We, as R2Games, always aim to provide our players with the best online gaming experience possible; however, we encountered several major issues due to system and processing errors during the update and would like to sincerely apologize for this. The following issues will be fixed by the end of this week:

              1. Idun's Ring – The incorrect stats for Idun's Ring has been fixed. However, rings obtained before the launch of the new version are still bugged. A specific solution for resolving this issue will be posted by Monday.

              2. Glacial Wolf – Currently has a misleading description for Glacial Wolf Soul Shards, in which the correct amount of shards to synthesize the Glacial Wolf is actually 200. This description will be modified as soon as possible.

              3. Team Tournament – Wager prizes for Team Tournament could not be collected. This issue will be fixed by Monday and we will be providing a compensation pack soon thereafter.

              We apologize for any and all inconvenience these issues have caused and hope to see you back in game.


              R2Games LOA Ops Team
              ok were is the comp ya guys promised us?


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                Still no comp.. this is upsetting after waiting for so long to fix a known issue