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Poseidon 57 lvl

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  • Poseidon 57 lvl

    Hello, I’ve been playing for a long time and I’d like to ask. I bought Poseidon, but my level is 57. Some players have it at 56 lvl, but when I did Poseidon’s activations, I didn’t have it, can I do something like that? .Sopping again so much playing to save on it and then bang and it would not.
    If at the expense of prestige, then I have 2 llamas for it and, as it were, I can only get a poseidon in renting for some reason.

    Champion Clash

    and one more thing I took for 57 lvl 200 stars, but I didn’t get the chest I should get for 200 stars! Is there a definite limit on getting a chest or depends on the player's level?

    Just want to ask if there is a limit at level 57 on things more precisely to the images of things?

    Admins please answer either to the ratushnyy97 mail or to the R2 forum

    server 76 Ogigya Name DoNaT1k

    Thank you for attention. I wait