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  • What is this?

    Today I was bringing a friend to the lvl 70 spire. And we were both at least lvl 70. When we tried to enter, we got a pop up window that said this "Player does not match the previous level"

    please explain.

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    I really don't think they can explain. this is an abandoned game... the game plays the way it plays, which means no bug fixes, no new events, no new features, no new nothing. just a monthly server reboot to clear the cache and to mess with us.


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      The game is not abandoned It's just that some of the stuff that stops working when new patches are put up, it's a bug and should be reported as such.
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        try to finish previous level and after that enter to lv70 spire


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          Originally posted by kittyboomursin View Post
          The game is not abandoned.
          Game is abandoned, it's not been updated in over 8 years and R2 dont care that's why its closing down
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