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My thoughts and ideas about the game. S2.Xque

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  • My thoughts and ideas about the game. S2.Xque

    Hi I've been playing this game for a long time and we know managers aren't interested in the game. we know that the number of players playing this game is small and therefore no new updates are coming. However, we are grateful that you did not close out the game. At least we want to play this game more regularly and without errors, and we want to play a game with plenty of competition, as in the old days. The number of players is low, so all servers must participate. Since no new updates arrive, at least when all servers are combined, the competition will increase and people will have more fun in this game.

    as I said, if all servers merge, people will have more fun, the number of players will increase, I think servers should merge; US East, US west, Europe, Oceania servers should completely merge all servers from S1 to S101. as a result of 8 hours of maintenance last year , the clock of the European server was adapted to other servers and became the same, so it is not unreasonable to merge the servers.

    If you see what I'm writing, I want you to support me, and the future of this game deserves it. I hope the directors of the game will listen to my woe. Thank you and pay my respects.